Best Zombie Games for Xbox 360


Best Zombie Games for Xbox 360In this new era of gaming, if you look at the list of the best-selling games ever, you will surely find at least one horror video game in it. In the current genre, the zombie games for Xbox 360 are quite popular than other games. The Xbox 360 zombie games provide an exceptional experience of excitement and horror at every stage. In previous posts, I have shown you the best zombie games for PS4, best zombie games for Xbox One, and best PS3 zombie games. Today I will give you the information about the best zombie games for Xbox 360. Let’s get to the list below.

‘Dead Island’ is  the zombie games for Xbox 360. It is not the perfect horror video game, but the island environment, awesome graphicsplant’sand unpredicted weapons made the game very popular among the gamers. The island is not gigantic or not the story is extraordinary, but there must be something special in this game which placed it on the list of the zombie games for Xbox 360 created ever.

Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition -Xbox 360

‘Dead Island’ by Deep Silver is a first person action killing game for Xbox 360. You can play in solo mode or the multiplayer mode with three other co-players. The game is themed on the Banoi beach which was a tropical paradise before and now turned into an open-world of zombies. Your task is to kill as many zombies as you can and survive till the end.

‘Left 4 Dead 2’ is having a more explosive content than its predecessor, ‘Left 4 Dead’. The second edition has new campaigns, weapons, game modes, and provides a whole new horrific experience. It is a complete zombie apocalypse that you need to survive at any cost.

Left 4 Dead 2 - Xbox 360

Left 4 Dead 2’ by Electronic Arts is the best among the new zombie games for Xbox 360. This one of the best Xbox 360 zombie games has everything in it including the best zombie animations, scary monsters, but, the new melee weapons are the main feature of it. With new story line and new dialogs, the game features around four survivors who fight against the various zombie mutants.

‘Resident Evil 6’ is one of the good zombie games for Xbox 360. A blending action and survival horror, one of the top killing games for Xbox 360 provide a dramatic horror experience to the gamers. New characters added to accompany Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield and your favorite Ada Wong.

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6’ from Capcom is called as the most immersive, ambitious and feature-rich game of the Resident Evil series. The new added features in this game include new zombie enemies, vehicle-based options, upgraded weapons and firepower, modes for solo play and multiplay, and upgradable characters. The Mercenaries mode allows you to enjoy the game at the different level.

I just keep playing this game after I got it in 2010. ‘Plants Vs. Zombies’ is surely one of the zombie games for Xbox 360 released ever. A mob of fun-loving zombies will attack your home, and you need to protect with by soiling plants outside your house in this game. You can also upgrade your house and decorate it with different accessories available in the shop.

Plants Vs. Zombies

Plants Vs. Zombies’ by PopCap Games provides five original game modes including Puzzle, Adventure, Survival, Mini-Game, and Zen Garden. You will also get the bonus game mode after you complete some of the campaigns.

If you have Xbox 360 Live Gold and an internet connection that you should go for the ‘Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare’ which is the most popular among the new zombie games for Xbox 360. You can play either from the plants side or can make your own zombie army too. The 24-player multi battle mode adds an extra taste to the game.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

‘Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare’ by Electronic Arts provides new explosive action experience in the horror gaming genre. The mind-blowing world of plants and zombies has a feature of full customization of the zombies and plants. You can customize the items and accessories as well.

This unique gameplay theme has an outstanding storyline and some exceptional gameplay elements. The rough decisions that you have to make in the games make it the most popular among the zombie games for Xbox 360. The game is divided into multiple seasons and each season is split into multiple episodes.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Xbox 360

The Walking Dead: Season 2’ provides an epic thrilling gaming experience in every episode of it. The great thing about this one of the popular sequel among the zombie games for Xbox 360 is that you don’t need to play season 1 to enjoy the season 2.

I got nightmares for some time really after playing this horrific game. In this game, you will fight with some hands free control of Microsoft Kinect and survive a hellish night. You will get a truly mature experience by fighting against the undead creature hand to hand!

Rise of Nightmares - Xbox 360

‘Rise of Nightmares’ by Sega will allow you to use your whole body to fight against the zombies in the game. You will navigate in the Viktor’s castle, uncover the secrets, and fight with the things which you have seen in your nightmares. You will use different melee weapons, solve puzzles, and master different styles to survive.

For a gamer, killing undead creatures in a video game is the most satisfying experience, most probably. When you play zombie video games on Xbox 360, then the dark corridors in the game will make your task of killing zombies more tough and horrific. Every game mentioned in the above list of the zombie games for Xbox 360 will make you enter in the apocalyptic world of zombies and feel the threat at every moment. I loved playing all of them. And I hope you will also love them too. Mention in the comment which Xbox 360 zombie survival games you like the most and in how much time you completed playing it. Grab your best zombie games for Xbox 360 and sink your bullets in the head of the mindless undead.



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