Best Xbox One Zombie Games


Best Xbox One Zombie GamesIn the wonderful world of Xbox One gaming, the zombie games are popular from the start. Every year new zombie game for Xbox One gets introduced and makes an impact on the market. If you also are an owner of Xbox One gaming console and looking for some terrifying and exciting zombie games, then you are at right place. Check my list of the “ Xbox One Zombie Games” and survive in the world of zombies with threats in every moment.

Drive, Run, Kill, and Survive; these are the ground rules of Dying Light. With improved visuals, new Legend system, playing enhancements, and a lot other things make it one of the best Zombie games for Xbox One in the recent times.

Dying Light

‘Dying Light’ by Warner Home Video – Games is an action survival zombie game in which you will play as the first person. You need to gather some useful stuff and weapons during the day time when zombies are less aggressive. During night, threat starts at every moment, and as the game progresses you will face evils, and it becomes hard to get rid of them. I enjoyed a lot playing it. Get the enhanced version of the game and enjoy your weekend.

Microsoft has designed this new zombie game, especially for Xbox One users. You will jump into an ultimate zombie world, four content packs which are downloadable, and also a digital bonus item. You will definitely get the Dead Rising experience in this game.

Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition

The ‘Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition’ will put you in command of the commander in charge of the game – ‘Adam Kane.’  The Apocalypse Edition has some new characters like Fallen Angel that features Angel Quijano. She tries to keep and maintain the survivors safe from the brain eater zombies out there. You will get new cars, clothes, gears, and of course, weapons!

Improved visuals, animation, user interface, and added missions; all these made me a fan of this zombie game for Xbox One. As the time progresses, the endless survival mode gets harder and scarier. The Danforth city around which you are surviving has an adventure set in a new narrative-driven storyline.

State of Decay- Year-One Survival Edition

The ‘State of Decay- Year-One Survival Edition’ from Microsoft has added weapons, vehicles, characters, and yes Zombies. I have played the Xbox 360 and PC versions of this game, and I am sure that the Xbox One edition also has the same level of intensity and horrific missions to survive the zombie apocalypse.

The Battle for Suburbia comes in full bloom in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (Deluxe Edition)! Dr. Zomboss, the zombie leader, has rebuilt the zombie utopia and strengthened his zombie army. For the first time, the all-new 24-player plants will go for an all-out attack on zombies to reclaim their turf!

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (Deluxe Edition)

The ‘Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (Deluxe Edition)’ by Electronic Arts has fully customization sets for plants, accessories, characters, and for the zombies also. It has seven lawn-inspiring game modes which allow you to play in your way. You can play in all 24-player mode or 4-player co-op mode, or solo player mode.

The critically acclaimed chapter in the Resident Evil series zombie games for Xbox One is focused on visceral gunplay. You will do chilling and action-packed encounter with the horde of unimaginable horrors and uncover the investigation of the kidnapping of U.S. President’s daughter – Leon S. Kennedy.

Resident Evil 4 - Xbox One Standard Edition

The ‘Resident Evil 4 – Xbox One Standard Edition’ by Capcom has breathtaking visual effects and styles. You will survive in the horrifying third-person shooter mode with the camera behind you. You will play as ‘Ada Wong,’ the female fatale of the game with five extra chapters included and also unlock new costumes and weapons.

The new era of Black Ops III: Call of Duty has campaigns like never before. The all new horror story of the signature zombie offering from Treyarch will lead you to fight the undead and survive with your co-soldiers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Standard Edition - Xbox One

The ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III’ by Activision is the most ambitious and immersive zombie edition till the date. You will get a distinct storyline with added depth and re-playability to engage you with it the whole day and night. In the metropolitan Morg City, you will face the chaos and darkness of horror like never before.

As per my experience, the Zombie Army Trilogy is the most underrated Xbox One zombie game. In the 15 horrific missions, you will play with a thrilling experience and excitement at each stage. You can fight in solo mode or can get help from your 2-4 friends online in multiplayer mode.

Zombie Army Trilogy - Xbox One

The ‘Zombie Army Trilogy’ by Rebellion is a third person shooter Xbox One Zombie game which gives you an alternative vision of World War 2. In 1945, when Hitler was facing defeat from Allies, he unleashed his last weapon – An army of undead soldiers which threatened the whole Europe. This plot made me excited to play this game, and I finished it with my two co-soldiers (in the game) in a single session which lasts the whole day

By playing any of the above zombie games for Xbox One, you will surely bear me witness that you took your mind, body, and soul to a new horrific level. If you are a fan of zombie horror movies like Resident Evil series and Pirates of Caribbean, then you will love these games too. Not only for Xbox One, but the PlayStation 4 zombie games will also make you feel like you are in the game. Get the “Xbox One Zombie Games” and kill as many zombies as you can and survive the apocalypse!



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