Best USB Super Nintendo (SNES) Controller


Yes, it is true that the smartphone games are cracking the market today and most of the people spend their free time on playing games on their smartphones. But there is still something to feel about holding an actual game controller on our hands. You think right, I am talking about a USB SNES (Super Nintendo) controller. It looks and feels exactly like the one we grew up playing with in our TV and console video games. The best SNES controller comes with a special clip. This clip allows you to attach it to your smartphone and create a handheld gaming console! The USB SNES controller comes with a support to Bluetooth and compatibility with your PC, Android, iOS, and MAC devices. Check this below list of the “USB Super Nintendo (SNES) Controller” and make your weekends more enjoyable.

Best USB Super Nintendo (SNES) Controller

Classic USB Super Nintendo Controller from GtronGtron has designed this super classic USB SNES controller which is featured with 8 easy to reach buttons. This 16-bit SNES controller is designed to fit smoothly the contour of your hands.

Features and specifications of Gtron USB Super Nintendo Controller are:

  • You need not install any drivers, just plug it and play
  • It comes with a 9-foot cord for an extended gameplay
  • It is compatible with all Windows and MAC Operating Systems
  • Flawless working upon mapping your buttons
  • Gives you true retro gaming feel
  • The best SNES controller

Gtron Retro USB Super Classic SNES Controller for PC/MacYou do not need to play your favorite games with a keyboard anymore. Get this amazing Retro USB SNES controller from Gtron and enjoy gaming like you had in your childhood.

Features of the Retro USB Super Nintendo Controller from Gtron are:

  • The best USB SNES controller which is great for emulators
  • It comes with long wired cable for extended gaming
  • It has a well built and sturdy design
  • It works with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS, and Linux
  • Brand new SNES controller for retro gaming

Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad Controller for PCThe Buffalo classic USB gamepad controller looks similar like the old Super Nintendo controller of 1991, just two additional buttons are the exceptions. These buttons are labeled as Turbo and Clear. It is a better SNES controller than the one in your closet having a broken L shape button on its top.

Features of Buffalo Classic USB SNES Controller are:

  • It comes with eight buttons including extra buttons called as ‘Turbo’ and ‘Clear’
  • It is specifically designed for authentic games of PC
  • It comes with a new USB version of the Super NES controller
  • This was the first SNES controller designed with right quality, most probably
  • It supports Windows 7/XP/Vista/2000/ME

Retrolink USB N64 Controller for PC and MACRelive your classic n64 gaming days with this USB enabled n64 controller from Retrolink. With the 10 buttons featured, it provides more gaming control to the user.

Features of the Retrolink USB N64 Controller for PC and Mac are:

  • It is a USB enabled n64 controller which is compatible with PC and Mac
  • It comes with 6ft. cable to allow extended gaming
  • It has 3D analog stick and 10 function buttons for precise action commands
  • Enjoy the classic n64 gaming experience with the legendary D-pad
  • It includes right and left shoulder functions and z-trigger which gives more user control

New SNES Super Nintendo Controller from iNNEXTEnjoy playing your computer games with an old-days retro feeling with this SNES super Nintendo controller from iNNEXT. This 16-bit SNES controller comes with 8 buttons which provide you a greater gaming control.

Features of the USB SNES Controller from iNNEXT are:

  • It comes with a 9ft. long cord
  • No driver needed to install, just plug and play
  • It is a generic USB controller which uses a standard USB port
  • Works with all types of emulators
  • It also works great with the Raspberry Pi gaming emulation

Compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi 2, Retro Pi OS, and Mac OS

Generic Super Nintendo SNES Controller PadsThis is an authentic reproduction of the Super Nintendo Controller from Generic. It provides excellent control for your retro and authentic gaming.

Features of the Generic Super Nintendo SNES Controller are:

  • This is the highest-quality built SNES controller
  • Provides excellent control and gameplay
  • It is a third party SNES controller but works great with all emulators
  • Just plug it and play, no drivers needed to install
  • Comes with one-year manufacturer warranty

Luxmo Classic Super Combo Nintendo Famicom SF SNES Controller (Pack of 2)Luxmo has made this brand new super Nintendo Controller to allow you enjoying your favorite old school games with a retro feeling. It is available in 3 choices of colors.

Features of the Famicom SNES Controller from Luxmo are:

  • It is a brand new USB super Nintendo controller by Retrolink
  • It has a built-in USB function for connecting it to your PC
  • No driver needed to install, just plug-n-play
  • It supports Windows 98/XP/SE/ME/2000 and MAC OS
  • It comes in a pack of two SNES controllers

The best USB Super Nintendo controller gives you a classic familiar feeling for all your needs of authentic gaming. You do not need to install any drivers to use it. Just plug it into your device and enjoy gaming. From the storage acquiring my half bedroom for my toys and games, the SNES controller is probably my favorite one to enjoy my Saturday eve. Relive the madness of playing Super Mario Bros, Starfox, and Donkey Kong Country by choosing one from the above “USB Super Nintendo (SNES) Controller”.



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