Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android Users


We all love playing games. But, wouldn’t it be easy if you don’t have to carry those big consoles everytime you want to play a game? Guess what? Now you can. You don’t need to carry your vast Nintendo Console anymore instead you can now use a free Nintendo DS Emulator on your Android device.Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android Users

Apparently, Android doesn’t support Nintendo files, and for that, you need to install a Nintendo Emulator. As Android is a free platform, there are many free emulators available in the market. How would you know which emulator is the best for you and which one you should go for? Well, we have done this easy for you. With our comprehensive guide, you’ll understand which Emulator fits the best for your needs.

So, without further ado let’s dive right in!

Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android Users

1. Free DS Emulator

As the name says it all, it’s the best free ds emulator for android. It’s a simple Emulator app with features like Load/Save and edits control buttons. It’s best for beginners who are just starting out.

Free DS Emulator

The not to like part is you can only play private backups of legal Nintendo games. If you have any, it’s time to download this application.

2. DraStic DS Emulator

If you need an Emulator which doesn’t crash and gives you faster load times than DraStic Emulator is for you. Although being paid, it’s a good investment for hardcore Nintendo gamers.

DraStic DS EmulatorWith DraStic Emulator you can host features like screen customization, controller customization. Also, you can save all your files in Google Drive to keep your data safe. And the best part is you get thousands of “Cheat Codes” in the databank to fast forward your games progress.

3. RetroArch

If you are not just a fan of Nintendo games but also love playing PSP, Game Boy, SNES and plenty of non-Nintendo games. RetroArch is the best suite for you to download and play other platform games on your Android device.

RetroArchThe best part of this Emulator is you just have to download it once from play store, and you are good to go. Now you can download all the games for free and play them on cross-platform. Also, there are no in-app purchases, and the app is also free from advertisements.

4. NDS4droid

It’s the most downloaded DS Emulator in Play store right now. Although they have not updated the app recently, it’s okay as they have kept it open source for other developers to customize it according to their needs.

NDS4droidIt’s an emulator which has smooth interface and simplicity of usage without any game crash. But it’s still very slow to emulate games on an Android device. The best part is they provide an option for “frame skip.” This will help you to load games faster and better. Also, you can save your progress within the NDS4droid app itself.

5. NDS Emulator (Nintendo DS)

The first thing which you’ll instantly notice is if you have ever used any other Emulators before, is the change in the User Interface (UI). Also, it’s considered the best NDS Emulator because they give you entirely new emulator features.

NDS Emulator (Nintendo DS)Some of the cool features of NDS Emulator:

  • Play your own music and Controller Vibration.
  • Load and Browse compressed archives (*.7z/*.zip)
  • Multi-Touch feature available

6. AseDS

AseDS is the newer Nintendo DS Emulator. Although, it has some useful features to talk about still it’s not the best emulator available in the market. Features like the cheat codes, custom buttons, and screen layouts help AseDS to compete with other players in the market.

AseDSIt’s a free app to download with no in-app purchases. But, still, the advertisements are somewhat annoying.

7. NDS emulator for Android

The Emulator is developed by o2s Inc. It’s a newer emulator with all the basic features like the load/save feature and custom buttons with various screen layout options.

NDS emulator for AndroidIt works with most of the android devices and loads ROM with .7z, .zip, .rar, .nds formats.

The Emulator is free from in-app purchases and advertisements which makes it excellent and easy to use.

8. NDS Boy

It is one of the most newer apps in the Android app store which allows Nintendo 3ds emulator games. As it is new, it allows the essential features like load/save, controlling basic stuff, etc.

NDS BoyThe game files support 7z, zip and nds file formats. It’s a free application.

9. Ultimate x3DSx Gold

This is the best 3DS ds emulator for Android which supports all types of games. You can control it with any standard wireless controller. Gyro function, tilt and other specific functionalities are also provided by the emulator.

Ultimate x3DSx GoldRegarding functionalities it’s the best emulator one can find for free. You should try it once.

Wrap Up

These were some of the best Nintendo DS Emulators available out there on the market. If I missed any emulators do let me know in the comments section below. Also, I’d be more than happy to hear from you about the emulator which you would use after reading our comprehensive guide and why?

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