Best Gamecube Controller — Play Your Games Like a Pro, 2022


Best Gamecube ControllerHey there, welcome back to our blog, where we review the best of all products for you. Today we are reviewing the top best Gamecube controllers that have been in demand since Nintendo launched their Gamecube device. Getting your hands on the best ones can be challenging as they are expensive.

Best Gamecube Controller

So here we bring you the top five of them without spending half of your pockets.

1. Cipon Gamecube Controller

Cipon Gamecube ControllerPlay all our favorite games smoothly. 


  • It is a wired controller and comes with large D-Pad buttons and analog buttons.
  • It works directly with the Nintendo Wii, Switch, and Nintendo GameCube.
  • It comes with pressure sensitivity technology for fast-paced action video games.
  • This comes with a 5.9 feet cable to deliver wired mobility and ease to play games from the couch.


2. Nintendo Game Cube Controller

Nintendo Game Cube ControllerEnjoy playing your favorite games.


  • It has an economical and ergonomic design that gives your hands and fingers a comfortable hold while playing games. 
  • This game cube controller comes with one lithium-ion battery and offers extended hours of playtime.
  • It comes with a built-in USB that offers high-speed connectivity during every gameplay session. 
  • This controller has a new kind of plastic shelling around it: matte plastic that gives more grip.


3. Wired Fight Pad Pro

Wired Fight Pad ProThis one is a must-have Gamecube controller. 


  • It has extra added buttons like the Z button to the left for enhanced flexibility while grabbing and dodging.
  • It has plenty of space for your fingers and has a nice groove for the fingers to sit in. 
  • Its design gives you a fantastic retro look and works perfectly with the Nintendo Switch.
  • It comes with large controller buttons for unique gameplay and an extended 10-foot USB cable for easy play with friends.


4. GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros

GameCube Controller Super Smash BrosThe best game controller by far!


  • It is covered with a clear plastic finish; it comes with textured handles for a solid grip and prevents slipping.
  • It has a right stick and a C stick that is haloed around by an octagonal, plastic shape. 
  • Its classic layout also has a plus, minus, home, capture, and turbo button. 
  • It has anti-snapback technology for analog sticks that gives speed and precision.


5. EVORETRO Gamecube Controller.

EVORETRO Gamecube ControllerWorth every penny! 


  • It has a clear, plastic finish, which allows you to see the device’s circuits, giving a retro feel.
  • It works best with Nintendo Switch games, Wii and Wii U, both in classic and pro mode. 
  • It has a multi-port capability with four docks that can connect up to 4 controllers at the same time.
  • It comes with a “Turbo” button that lets you enter the game character quickly and enjoy the game.


My pick from the lot is the Coupon Gamecube Controller. It is affordable and has all the right features needed to play games all day long.



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