Best Dreamcast Emulator for Windows 10


The vintage console Dreamcast is another great console by Sega which was launched in 1998. With a blazing start in 1998, the Dreamcast console discontinued in 2001. After a lot of success, and gaining a lot of fans in the meantime people still miss those childhood days. But, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people still want to play games on the old Dreamcast.

Best Dreamcast Emulator for windows 10

Although, it’s not possible to bring it back again there is an alternative way to it. You know what that alternative way is? Emulators. Developers have bought a few Dreamcast Emulators in the market for Windows 10 and Mac. In this guide, we’ll showcase some of the best Sega Dreamcast emulators to bring back your childhood days memories.

So let’s dive right in!

Before I list down all the emulators, let’s first understand what an Emulator is?

What is Emulator?
In simple terms, an Emulator is a software which behaves like some other software. Although, Dreamcast Emulator is not officially available we can still enjoy it with the help of an Emulator.

Now that we know, what an Emulator is let’s see some of the top-ranked software.

Best Dreamcast Emulators

1. DEMul

DEMul is the best Dreamcast Sega emulator out there in the market right now. It runs almost all the games without any lag. Games like Naomi 1, Naomi 2 works pretty sleek on this software. You can see sudden drops in FPS sometimes, but that is natural as it is still not the official software.


The DEMul team in between stopped working on the project but, recently a Russian company has picked up the project and started working on it. In my opinion, it’s the best choice you can make if you are struggling to choose any of the emulators.

● Save game stats
● Multiplayer and Controller Support
● Graphics and Audio customizations

● Runs almost every game
● Customization options available

● Support for Windows only
● Not easy to set it up

2. NullDC/Reicast PC

NullDC discontinued way back in 2011, but after some time, a team named Reicast took up the project. Reicast PC is a like newer version of NullDC. Moreover, Reicast is developed on the same code which NullDC used previously.


Reicast gets regular updates and bug fixes. Additionally, the software still has a lot of bugs in it. However, Reicast is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

● Graphics and Audio customizations
● FPS customizations
● Cloud Virtual Memory Unit

● Supports multiple platforms
● High speed with developer support

● Struggling with bugs
● Hard to set up and quite unstable

3. Redream

Redream is the newest member in the industry of Dreamcast Emulators. As being new, it’s not loaded with tons of new features and is getting new updates regularly. Despite having less features, the community of Redream is quite strong.

Red dream

Because of having an active community the Redream team is working hard to make their customers happy, and there is a high chance that you’ll see a lot of new features in a short period of time.

As the software is new, it doesn’t have very advanced features available as of now.
● Resizing of the screen
● Easy to use UI

● Regular Updates
● Growing community
● Works on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu

● A lot of bugs as it’s new in the market.
● Lacks in features

4. NesterDC

Nintendo released the NesterDC Emulator in 1985. It runs close to almost all the latest and big games from the Dreamcast Emulator pretty well. Although, it’s a Sega Emulator you can still play some NES games in it and chip in some great music according to your own needs.


● Full speed Emulation
● Save up to 10 states
● Graphics and Audio customizations

● Nice menu features with an easy to UI
● Highly compatible

● Doesn’t allow you to adjust frame skip
● Customizable menu feature is missing

5. DreamSpec Emulator

The DreamSpec Emulator runs on CDI image. It supports more than 200+ sega games with a huge number of downloads. However, it only runs on Windows platform.

DreamSpec Emulator

● Multiplayer and Controller Support
● Save game stats

● FPS customizations
● High Speed

● Works only on Windows

Over to you
I have selected the top 5 Dreamcast emulation software. Choose the emulator which fits to your needs. All the emulators have some pros and cons you need to decide which works the best for you. If anything you feel needs to be added in the article, feel free to share it in the comments section.



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