How to Escape Fort Joy – Different Ways to Get Out from Fort Joy


The main aim of the game Fort Joy is to get in and out of the fort. Well, there are numerous ways to come out and go in.

There is a twist though, getting in the fort is easy compared to coming out, and that’s why in this article I’ll share some of my best ways to escape fort joy.How to Escape Fort Joy (2) (1)

Are you ready to master this skill? Let’s get started!

How to Get Out Of Fort Joy Easily?

In this section, I have listed down both the easier and harder ways of getting out of the fort.

Method 1: Supporting Paladin Cork

paladin-corkAs soon as you reach the fortress yard, there you’ll find enemies waiting for you to attack. You’ll also see the Paladin Cork.

The fight will begin after you reach the yard and the Paladin Cork will help you distract the enemies and fight against them. Moreover, it will aid you and recover your health. Once the fight is over and you win the battle, you can raise the gates and move to the Hallow Marshes.

Well, this is just a method, and you can tweak it to make it more awesome. The more you use your creativity, the more ways you’ll find to escape the fort joy.

NOTE: You don’t need to follow the underground corridors compulsorily to reach the Paladin Cork. Instead, you can use the Gloves of Teleportation to reach the walls and get to the Paladin Cork.

Method 2: Escaping via The Docs

Escaping via The DocsThis method is time-consuming but is worth your efforts.

Let me explain:

While teleporting your team on the cliffs where Gawin will leave you. It’s time to teleport your team one by one hidden behind the dock. You can do this process by sneaking or teleporting choice is yours.

This method is easy, but it will eat a lot of your time.   

Method 3: Flenser’s Playground and the canal

Flenser's Playground and the canalThis one is the hardest among all the methods mentioned here. Probably, if you’re a beginner, I’d recommend you to skip this one and check out other solutions.

You need to duel with Kniles The Flenser and exit the canal without your enemies knowing.

Method 4: Escape via Boat With The Boy

Escape via Boat With The BoyWell, this method won’t work for everyone because for it to work you need to save Deloris. Now if you have saved him and after killing the magisters talk to Deloris and ask him the password.

This password you’ll have to give to Deloris associates who are located on the next floor. Tackling his partners is difficult. However, if you’ll talk to them and select the second option, they’ll allow you to go forward.

Once you move ahead, you’ll meet Han with whom you can get a boat and head over to the Hallow Marshes.

Method 5: High Judge Orivand Escape

High Judge Orivand EscapeLuckily, you have two options to choose from:

  • First off press the “C” key on your keyboard and silently sneak through the tower. Now slowly, climb down the ladder.
  • The other way is a more realistic one. In this method, you’ll need to fight face to face with the High Judge Orivand and his army. I’ll only recommend you to choose this method if you have a level 4 character or beyond. Also, If you master the art of teleportation correctly believe me the fight is in your hands. If you cannot, you always have the first one with you.

Final Words:

Those were the five methods that will help you escape from Fort Joy like a pro. All methods work it all depends on your expertise & how well you can execute. If you have any doubts in executing or understanding any of the methods make sure to leave a comment down below and let us know.



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