Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Best Headset for PUBG

Best Headset for PUBG: Feel the Real Excitement

The gaming industry is pretty huge and trillions of dollars are spent every year to purchase games and related devices. Money is needed to...
How to Level Up in Steam Fast

How to Level Up in Steam Fast ?- Different Methods

Anyone gamer worth their salt will know what steam is. Steam is like a humongous digital distribution/social media platform focussed on everything related to...
How to Clear Cache in Xbox One S

How to Clear Cache on Xbox One S? Top 2018 Hacks only for you

Everything needs cleaning and the Xbox One S is no different. If you start to notice lag while gaming that’s because Xbox One S...
How to Fall Faster in PUBG

How to Fall Faster in PUBG – Tips and Tricks to Land Fast

PUBG is all about getting Winner Chicken Dinner. But you all must be forgetting that it all starts with how fast you land on...
Escape Fort Joy

How to Escape Fort Joy – Different Ways to Get Out from Fort Joy

The main aim of the game Fort Joy is to get in and out of the fort. Well, there are numerous ways to come out...