Best Quadcopter Flight Simulator of 2018


Best Quadcopter Flight Simulator of 2017Today, I have listed the best quadcopter flight simulator below. Quadcopter simulator for PC is becoming popular in the worldwide users because the need of getting acquitted with such system is rising. The best RC flight simulator will help you to improve your flying before you fly a quadcopter or drone. It will not directly compete with the actual flying experience, but yes, it makes you get closer. Let’s check the best quadcopter flight simulator list and become a pro of flying a quadcopter.

Great Planes RealFlight RC Quadcopter SimulatorThe RealFlight 7.5 RC quadcopter simulator is perhaps the best quadcopter simulator available in the market today. It has top notch graphics and physics which makes it popular among the users.

Features of Great Planes RealFlight 7.5 RC Quadcopter Simulator are:

  • It is an easy and worry-free way to learn flying drones, quadcopters, planes, helicopters, gliders, etc.
  • You will feel like you are in the flying field with its so real physics
  • You will fly over 140 different aircraft on 40 flying fields anytime you want
  • The included Interlink Elite Controller will allow you to access all the best RealFlight features
  • After completing the initial stages, you will unlock more difficult levels

Phoenix RC Pro V5.0 RC Quadcopter SimulatorThe incredibly worldwide popular quadcopter flight simulator from Phoenix helps to you become a master of the rewarding and complex hobby of flying a quadcopter in your own way. It doesn’t matter whether you are a rookie picking up your first training model or a veteran who is practicing for the competition, the Phoenix pro-V5.0 RC quadcopter simulator will take you to the next level of flying.

Features of Phoenix Pro V5.0 RC Quadcopter Simulator are:

  • It has an improved airplane physics which will offer ultimate realism and accuracy
  • You can control every flight characteristic in detail with its improved model editing system
  • You can import your own geometry definitions with the companion software
  • More than 200 quadcopters, drones, helicopters, planes, autogyros, etc. are included
  • It is Windows 10 compatible

Great Planes RealFlight RC Quadcopter SimulatorIf you are just beginning the world of quadcopters and drones and are a starter in the aerial photography, then it is advisable to use the RC flight simulator first. It will help you to learn all the basics to advanced methods of flying and gives you an experience of flying a real-life machine. The RealFlight RC quadcopter simulator will help you to advance your flying skill to the next level.

Features of Great Planes RealFlight RC Quadcopter Simulator are:

  • It has TrueView Realistic Lighting and reactive 3D objects
  • You can choose from twenty flying sites to have different environments for flying a simulating drone and quadcopter
  • You can add competitive edge to test your flying skills
  • It will provide risk-free training to boost your confidence before flying a real drone

Runtime Games Phoenix Quadcopter Flight Simulator With incredible realistic physics and excellent graphics, the Phoenix quadcopter flight simulator is simply one of the best RC flight simulators. It will provide you a virtual flight simulator to get the best flying experience before you fly an actual quadcopter or drone.

Features of Runtime Games Phoenix Quadcopter Flight Simulator V5.0 are:

  • You can upload your own 3D geometry definitions for any environment which allows you to create your own flying scene
  • You can choose from over 200 modeled quadcopters, drones, autogyros, airplanes, etc.
  • You can control characteristics of each models flight in details with the modeling system
  • You can see tutorial videos from the top-class flyers across the world

aeroflyRC7 ULTIMATE Quadcopter Simulator for PCThe aeroflyRC7 is a good-quality quadcopter simulator from Ikarus. You can use a range of input devices and experience the real-life graphics.

Features of aeroflyRC7 ULTIMATE Quadcopter Simulator for PC are:

  • You can use your own controller, joystick, or gamepads
  • A range of five quadcopter models allow you to practice all kinds of flying drone machines
  • Fly in a realistic environment by freely selecting wind, thermal, clouds, and view
  • Everyone can use this flight simulator easily
  • Excellent graphics and real sound technology
  • Retracts, flaps, and much more functions
  • Two dual layer DVDs and 20-page instruction book included
  • A perfect quadcopter simulator for PC

Different flight simulators have different designs and capabilities of operating a drone. It doesn’t mean that any quadcopter flight simulator mentioned above is less reliable. The usability of the quadcopter simulator for PC and the quadcopter simulator for Mac getting the involvement of more and more people with frequent upgrades in their design and versions. It is advisable to get used to fly a quadcopter with the best quadcopter simulator before buying the toy flying machine.



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