Best Quadcopter Flight Controller Board for Hobbyists


A flight controller is a circuit board that collects sensors data and user commands. It keeps the quadcopter in the air by making adjustments to motor speed. It is the brain of your aircraft. Flight Controller function is to direct the RPM of each motor in reaction to input.

All flight controller have basic devices containing Gyro (Gyroscopes) and ACC (Accelerometer), Barometer (barometric pressure sensors), magnetometer (compass). It is also a center for many other peripherals, such as GPS, LED, Sonar sensor etc. Check the best quadcopter flight controller for hobbyists below.

Best Quadcopter Flight Controller Board for Hobbyists

ARRIS CC3D Naze32 Flight ControllerARRIS made the power distribution board for CC3D flight controller. Its size is mini and light in weight.It is best flight controller for quadcopter.

  • Its input voltage is 2-6S and weight is 6g.
  • It is suitable for 250 mini racing quadcopters.
  • The package includes 1 x Arris CC#D Flight Controller Distribution Power Board.
  • It comes with LED switch.
  • It is used to power the flight controller board.

AbuseMark Acro Flight ControllerIt is the official Abuse Mark Naze 32 Flight Controller which includes straight pin headers.It is drone flight controller.

  • It is the genuine abuse mark Rev6B Flight Controller.
  • The base flight is well-suited.
  • Professional welding of the pins to the board is recommended.
  • It has invensense MPU6050 MEMS accelerometer and gyro built in micro –USB for programming.

RMRC Seriously Dodo Flight ControllerThe RMRC Dodo Flight Controller is one the best flight controller for drone racing.It is well-matched with PPM and Spektrum.It is best quadcopter flight controller.

  • It contains eight input and output channels.
  • It uses STM32 256k processor.
  • It has 3 UARTS 2-6s input voltage and 5v output and 5.4g

ARRIS 1177 F3 EVO Flight ControllerArris F3 Evo Flight Controller is designed to use the latest and greatest hardware, constructed for FPV Racing.It is the combination of F3 EVO Flight Controller and PDB.It is the best quadcopter flight controller for hobbyist.

  • F3 is open pilot software genuine product.
  • ARM-Cortex M4 core and the STM32 F3 processor is used for flight calculations.
  • Accelerometer, Gyro and Baro technology is used.
  • Flight data logs are easily recorded by the micro SD Card Reader.
  • Right angle and straight pin headers are included by the F3 Evo flight controller which gives the opportunity to support the board in many ways.
  • Race transponder record lap times by turning up at a race.

Crazepony X-Racer F303 V3.1 Flight ControllerThe X-Racer flight controller runs on the open source clean flight software. It is designed for the serious racer. It is fit for the needs of the racers and freestyle flyers.The features of quadcopter controller are as follows:

  • The size of the flight controller is easy to mount on the majority of the frames.
  • For easy soldering convenient pinouts are available.
  • It is built in 16mb flash memory which stores entire days’ worth of flights.
  • For serious racers, it is the first choice. It has SBUS Port and stackable design.
  • It is available in Acro style.
  • The package includes 1*X-Racer F303 Flight Controller.

LHI Pro Racing F3 Flight Controller BoardCleanflight is 32-bit version open-source flight controller. It supports many flight controllers like CC3D, Sparky.It is the quadcopter flight controller.

  • It has introducing tests and better coding practices which are used for future development. It is easy to maintain.
  • Bugs are fixed from the base flight.
  • It aids one shot ESC and above 8 RC channels.
  • It has many features such as RGB LED strip support, autotune, black box flight data logging etc.
  • The package includes the protective case, cables, one pcs Pro Racing F3 Flight Controller.

The quadcopter flight controllers for hobbyists are configurable and programmable, permitting for modifications centered on changing multi-rotor formations. Gains or PIDs are used to adjust the controller. Various software is available to write own settings depending on the choice of flight controller.



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