Is G2A Safe? Legit or a Scam? – Check How to Use it


You may know that the is a global online place for PSN, Xbox Live credits and game keys. The pros know all about this wonderful gaming marketplace, but if you are the newbie in the field, then you may have questions that, is G2A safe? Is G2A legit? Is G2A reliable? Well, today, I will give answers to all these questions here. Also, I will mention how to use G2A.G2A Is legit or Scam

What is G2A?

As I mentioned earlier, it is the global marketplace to buy and sell game keys and acting as credits. Initially, there was a group of a few people who started it in Hong Kong. Because they were gaming enthusiasts, they established the site for giving the easy way to have game licenses and also to provide services to the customers and the partners.

As it is a place to spend money and take/give services, the question arises whether is legit or scam. The site offers a significant discount on the game codes that are sold at exorbitant amounts on the official websites. And this leads to creating doubts in mind.

How G2A works?

As it is a gaming website to give and take game codes using the money, it brings the buyers and sellers together from all over the world. It’s like an e-commerce portal or freelancing sites, but just dealing with the gaming things only. Here, gamers can buy & sell game activation codes for PC games and also for Xbox and PlayStation games.

Also, game credits and program codes can be transferred from one user to another.
Remember, the site itself does not buy or sell anything gaming related, it just provides a platform for the global game traders.

It works in the way below;

    1. Go to the website
    2. Search for the game key you want to buy
    3. Choose from the number of sellers from whom you want to purchase the key
    4. Complete the payment procedure & the confirmation screen will appear
    5. Now, wait for the key to being emailed to your inbox
    6. Go to your gaming platform like Ubisoft Uplay, PS, Steam.
    7. Enter your account details and then activate the game using the key

Is G2A safe?

As it can happen in every marketplace, there may be some fraudsters who register themselves as sellers and credit providers but makes scam when the payments completed. The site publishes the numbers and addresses of both the buyers and sellers, but it does not verify it by checking them personally. The payment methods, transactions, and buying & selling process are 100% safe in G2A. But you have to beware the scammers by just considering the ones who have G2A shield.

Is G2A shield worth it?

The G2A shield is an insurance against the fake or non-working game activation keys and codes. It automatically added to the cart when you are purchasing a game code or activation key. Costing around 70p, it holds the ground for the legibility of the purchased items. On a few occasions, despite some buyers paid for the G2A shield too, they complain about not been refunded or did not get the replacement of the game codes.

How to use G2A?

When you search for the game codes or credits, check the prices displayed on the right side. Remember the price shown is excluded the G2A shield and VAT. This is the thing many users consider when comparing it with other marketplaces like Amazon and Steam.

Before purchasing any game codes or keys, make proper research on the web, check forums, official sites, and then compare the results and prices with the G2A listings. Make sure to purchase only from the sellers who have higher rankings and more user reviews. It will help you get the genuine keys and not regret on your shopping. G2A too sells some selected PC game codes and provides Xbox credits. So if you are purchasing from the site itself, you don’t to pay for the G2A shield.

Also, you should double check the region of yours and the seller too. There is a Global purchase option in the menu, but if you do not find it, make sure to not buy Russian key for the Asian region. It may sometimes cause the failure of the activation, and you may post a negative review for the site legibility!



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