Best Toys for Newborns – Developmental Toys


Here is the top toy list for newborn babies. All these toys are of good quality and will last for longer time. Your newborn will love things in the first few months that they can look or listen to. The list contains perfect toys that work well with your newborn’s senses. All these will help in the development of the baby. Have a look at the below-mentioned products that provide variety and joy to your babies.

Best Toys for Newborns - Developmental Toys

Best Toys for Newborns – Developmental Toys

Baby EinsteinBaby Einstein is the nice and portable newborn toys. It is great for teething and has great quality. The music is nice and plays a bunch of different classical tunes.It is easy to operate. The music of the toy will give fantastic feelings and will offer different explosions.

  • It features seven baby friendly classical melodies.
  • It controls the volume.
  • The baby can take tunes anywhere as it has lively and easy to grasp caterpillar handle.
  • It has off, low and high volume switch.
  • It encourages auditory development and music appreciation.
  • In different colors, the light is flashed along with the music.

Fisher-Price RattleFisher – Price Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toy is one of the best toys for newborns. It is the small toy that is easily portable and balls are secure inside handle.It is easy to grab. It makes the adequate sound of rattling but not excessively loud and aggravating.

  • For easy grip, it has soft pom-pom bottoms.
  • It has colorful beads with rattle sounds that will delight babies.
  • It provides fun at home.
  • For little hands, it is just the accurate size.
  • The baby’s sensory and gross motor skills get strengthen by it.

Gund Winky LambGund Winky is adorable and soft little lamb. It is a quintessential classic baby toy. It is perfect for the one or two years old. It is affordable and of decent quality. It can be served as the great baby shower gift.

  • It is the polyester blend.
  • It is imported.
  • For added play value and sensory input it shakes.
  • The height is 4.5 inch.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It is meant for ages 0 and up.

Lamaze Freddie The FireflyYour baby will love this excellent sensory toy. It is one of the best developmental toys for newborns. Amazing materials, colors, textures, sounds are used in this game. It is entertaining and safe. It will be the great toy for many months. I got this for our 2.5-month old baby. She loves the patterns on the back of the wings and she smiles when she hears the little jingle sound when I shake it.

  • It helps the baby in learning how to focus, track images and explore the face.
  • The auditory senses are stimulated by clacking rings.
  • The fun jingle sound will provide pleasure and entertainment to the babies. It will capture the attention of the baby.
  • The baby is engaged with the soft velour body and multiple textures on the wings.
  • To soothe the gums of the baby, the tethered ladybug teether is used.

Baby Einstein BendyEinstein Bendy Ball is one of the best newborn toys. It keeps the child safe and busy for small chunks of time. It is perfectly sized for small wandering hands and is light in weight that it doesn’t hurt the babies when they bang themselves on the head.

  • It contains soft and flexible plastic that make this ball easy for little fingers to twist and squeeze.
  • For additional sounds, it has colorful rattle ball inside it.
  • On the center band, it has familiar baby Einstein caterpillar character.
  • It features bright primary colors.

Sassy DevelopmentalSassy is one of the best developmental toys. It is the great stimulating toy, visually appealing and chewable. For grabbing it is perfect and is very colorful. Your baby will love the ball; it is for developmental play.

  • It has multiple textures and materials that involve baby’s emerging tactile sensitivity and clarifies baby about variety.
  • It has chunky sized bumps that encourage reaching and grasping. It also teaches transferring from one hand to the other.
  • It has gentle rattle sounds that make neural connections in baby’s brains.
  • For baby’s developing vision there are bright colors and bold patterns.

Bright Starts GrabBright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle serve as the life saver for car riders. They are toys for babies 0-3 months. It is the great toy with the great price. The skinny loop makes it easy for the baby to grip in their tiny hands. Different textures are available that are perfect for the babies.

  • It provides teething relief.
  • There are teethable textures on the oval shaped handle.
  • The hand and eye coordination are developed by the colorful spinning rattle.
  • It features three textured links slide and rattle.


All these products will provide the wide variety of toys. You can choose the apt toy that matches your requirements. These toys will help to engross the child’s imagination and interest. It will boost learning and stimulate the mind and other senses of the babies.



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