Best Unique Melee Weapons Fallout 4 – Top List


If you run out of weapons in action games, then you call for melee weapons. It is essential to have the best melee weapon in Fallout 4 action game which will improve your efficiency. These valuable armaments provide unique special effects where you can win the battle. Include melee weapons in your main play style to shatter your enemy. In this post, you will get an idea about the best melee weapon fallout four so that all the game lovers can enjoy the utility of melee weapons. Look at the top list!Best Unique Melee Weapons Fallout 4

Best Unique Melee Weapons in Fallout 4

1) Chinese Officer Sword

This sword is the remaining of the China war though it looks like a sword that came from Skyrim. To deal electrical damage, it can be upgraded which in turn causes harm to the attacker. It helps in earning the player bonus points by making the target bleed. A lot of care is required to use this weapon as DPS is on the low side. For impacting a fast attack, you will find this weapon right, but attacker faces little damage. It is the little bit tough to obtain so maybe it is not worth searching for, but if you come across it, then it is something to be picked up.

Chinese Officer Sword

In what way to get?

In the diamond city, it is sold by Arturo Rodriguez or in the Yangtze submarine; it can be set up in a dresser.

2) The Harvester

In governing damage, it is considered relatively fast, and among all melee weapons, it enjoys fastest attack speed. You have to make use of face mask due to the damage it may cause to the enemy. There are chains of reaper on the pocket chainsaw found on this vicious weapon. In mere seconds you may kill and tear to pieces any enemy that comes in your way by making use of physical components.

The Harvester

How to get it?

In the ghost-infested Echo Lumber Mill Chamber, the harvester can be found which is south of the cinema. To obtain this legendary weapon, on the first floor of the most extensive building search through the shelves in the mill of Fallout 4.

3) Furious Power Fist

It will not disappoint you as it is considered one of the best melee weapons. It performs its task well of damaging the enemy. You can grant damage skills by attaching mods to it. In level 16 you can find this weapon which you may find difficult, but it is worth to have it. If you attack the same enemy, then it can manage the increasing damage. Against big HP opponents, it can prove to be shocking. It is Fallout 4 best melee weapon.

Furious Power Fist

How to get hold of?

At the top of Hubris Comics, you can find a non-furious version after reaching a high level. Waiting at the Swans pond is the Edger Swann. At Swan’s Pond, the Swan drops it. You will get this melee weapon Furious Fist on defeating the Edger Swann.

4) Pickman’s Blade

In the game, you will find it one of the finest melee weapons that are handy. This lethal weapon enjoys very high attack speed and takes up the upper tier. For an additional 25 points, it causes the targets to bleed by striking on the enemy.There is the Stealth Blade Upgrade that causes further damage which gives 25 points more. Overall by one hit you can experience total 50 points. Help out the Pickman to experience this knife as the reward. For the traditional gift, see behind one of the paintings after getting the Pickman’s key. It is Fallout 4 strongest melee weapon.

Pickman’s Blade

How to attain it?

After completing the Pickman’s Gift Quest, this blade serves as the quest reward. In Pickman’s Gallery, behind the painting, you will find this blade in a safe which is hidden.

5) Grognak’s Axe

If an enemy is hit with this ax, then it results in severe damage. You can get out of the terrible situation by causing your enemy to stagger and bleed. In VATS it holds reduced AP usage so as compared to other melee weapons it can enjoy twice as many swings.

Grognak’s Axe

By what means to acquire it?

Inside the Hubris Comics, you can find this powerful melee weapon. To obtain this defense, you have to sidestep an advanced lock.

Now I will throw light on the base damage, attack speed and damage per second caused by these five types of melee weapons.

Melee Weapons Base Damage Attack Speed Damage per second
Chinese Officer Sword 22 Medium 18.7
The Harvester 24 Very Fast 25.0
Furious Power Fist 28 Medium 23.8
Pickman’s Blade 30 Fast 59.9
Grognak’s Axe 35 Medium 29.8

Slay your enemies by making use of melee weapons. Choose the best weapon to enjoy the victory over the enemies. By reading this article, all the fans of Fallout 4 will enjoy the shared information on the best melee weapons.



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