Soda Dungeon Guide, Cheats, Tips and Strategy for Beginners


If you are a real RPG gamer, I bet you must have heard about Soda Dungeon. It’s for action and adventure lovers who love to explore the game within. The developers of this video game, ‘Armor Games’ says that in this game, you’ll be managing team of adventures and raiding the local dungeon and buying new sodas.

Soda Dungeon tipsAs the game is not that easy as it looks like, you might face difficulties buying new sodas and tavern and adding new party members to your team. But don’t worry, this  Soda Dungeon guide will help you to buy new sodas and add new members quickly. So keep reading, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Soda Dungeon Tips

1) Watch Ads and Earn Free Coins

Everyone loves free things, and Soda Dungeon developers also know this. As the game is more about management of your resources, there might be a day where you might not have the required coins to buy new heroes. In that case, you can watch free ads and can earn 750 free coins in 30 seconds or less.

The best part about this is you can also watch ads turning your Internet off. You’ll be shown the ad is loading for 10 second or less and you’ll directly earn 750 coins. The ads are not available all time, but they can be found with every 2-3 dungeon crawls.

2) Invest in precious Items

Precious items in the game is scarce and are difficult to grab. Initially, it’s intended to focus more on buying tavern and sodas, but as you progress in the game, you should then target to buy VIP items. Buying them will help you increase your statistics and will inflict more damage when required.

3) Take Healers and Healing Potions

Healer proves to be a lifesaver in all the action games, and soda dungeon is no exception. So make sure you take at least one healer with you and use it wisely in the game. Also, I would suggest carrying healing potions instead of anything else to boost your health when needed.

Playing the game smart will help you sustain for a longer time.

4) Check your Equipment Everytime!

When you are busy playing the game, you overlook a few things, and from it, one is checking your equipment. I agree with you that you are dependent on the auto-equip system available in the game. But, sometimes the most useful might not be the most powerful options.

The option of VIP allows you to automate the process of selecting an equipment based on the level of the hero.

5) Upgrade your Shopkeeper to get the Best Equipment

The shopkeeper in the game is very kind. Let me tell you upgrading your shopkeeper is the best decision which you can ever take. Your shopkeeper will give you the best equipment to fight your opponent.

Here’s the deal you can also return your equipment to the shopkeeper after the fight and be able to reuse your weapons once you enter the dungeon again.

Soda Dungeon Cheats

I know you were waiting for this since the very beginning. But, the best part is always kept last. So, now as we are here let’s see what’s inside. Do you want unlimited traven, soda, and unlimited coins? If you answered yes, then keep reading.

There are so many patches available on the internet to get unlimited resources in the game. Check one such resource here.

Get unlimited resources with no Ads in the game.

After using it, you’ll be prompted to download unique key for your IP address. Download the key, and you are good to go.

Wrap up

There are a lot more Soda Dungeon tips and tricks. But I have covered the ones which will help you progress real quick in the game. I hope you liked the article and learned the best Soda Dungeon Cheats and Strategies.

Let me know in the comments section which trick works the best for you. I’d be more than happy to listen from you guys.


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