How to Level Up in Steam Fast ?- Different Methods


Anyone gamer worth their salt will know what steam is. Steam is like a humongous digital distribution/social media platform focussed on everything related to gaming. It has played a big role in bringing the gaming industry to the multi-million dollar industry that it is.How to Level Up in Steam Fast (1)

Users can purchase games, share games, buy skins and other game related items, interact with gamers, team up, share knowledge etc.

How to Level Up in Steam Fast ? 

Levels on steam are how the gaming prowess of a particular user is judged in the steam community. Nobody takes the noob with a level 10 account seriously. Whereas a higher level account gets respected there.

Leveling up is based on XP and XP is awarded based on the things that you do. In the beginning, it takes 100 XP to get to the next level. This number increases every two levels.

It is such a serious factor that people do all sorts of things to level up. Some even spend a lot of money to purchase steam accounts on a good level.

But not everyone has the money for that and it is illegal since it violates Steam’s user agreement, which is why we decided to write this article. In this article, we will talk about the 5 easiest ways to level up in steam.

5 ways to level up in steam and fast

1. Crafting badges: 

 Badges in steam like real-world ones, showcase the skillset of a user. When badges are crafted (created) 100+XP is awarded which at times is an instant level up.
There are several ways to earn a badge. Badges are awarded for doing tasks in steam. A badge can also be crafted. Badges are crafted from trading cards. So collecting trading cards of a specific game is the hard part. All of the available cards need to be collected to craft a badge for that game.Now, cards are dropped as you play and advance in a game, but the tricky thing is that a game only drops half of its set. The other half needs to be either traded with other members or bought from the steam store. There definitely is a need for money. It is very tough to level up without a gaming budget.
Once you craft a badge, it can be leveled up four more times and you earn the same 100XP every time you level up. Leveling up is done by completing another set of the same cards.

Professional Tip: It is better not to hurry up and craft a badge as soon as you complete a set. It is better to craft badges during the Steam Summer or Winter sales since you will also receive Steam event cards that can be crafted into event-specific badges.

2. Spend Money:Spend Money

Don’t want to go through all the headaches of card collecting and trading? Go to the marketplace, spend money and buy the cards. This speeds up the process but will dig a hole in your pockets.

3. Year of service:  

There is one sure shot way to earn XP where you don’t need to do anything other than exist in the community. Steam rewards 50 XP every year to appreciate you using their service.

4. Owning games:

Purchasing different games can also fetch XP. More games also mean more cards. This means more badges waiting to be crafted and leveled up. Owning a specific number of games is also an achievement that can fetch XP.

5. Community badge:maxresdefault (1)

The steam community badge is a very easy way to earn a badge that can be obtained and leveled up by doing simple tasks such as adding friends, posting videos etc. Once completed the total XP earned is 500 which easily means at least two level ups to an average gamer.

Conclusion on different ways to level up in steam fast and easy

This post was all about the several different easy ways to level up on the steam community. Leveling up sure has its advantages and this is how you do it easily. Do comment below if you got any more working ways to level up in steam.



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