How to Hang Skateboards on Your Wall? Check Out this Guide


Other than being an interest in youngsters and grown-ups for quite a long time, skateboards can be shown on your wall as show-stoppers.

how to hang skateboardTo hang a skateboard on the divider relies upon your longing to play out this undertaking DIY or through expert hanging items. Regardless of whether you are resigning an old deck, or needing to feature a constrained version realistic, hanging a skateboard is an undertaking that will take about thirty minutes and can be finished easily.

Get Started:

Preparation with measurements and all the necessary materials are necessary before hanging your skateboard. Get started with the steps below, and read the steps carefully before execution.

Preparing the Board

Step 1:- Remove the trucks from your deck.

Remove the trucks

Step 2:- Insert the shoelace into the base gaps on the hold side of your skateboard. Draw the shoelace totally through the two openings. The two gaps ought to be associated by the shoelace in a flat line.

shoelaces insert

Step 3:- Adjust the shoelace with the goal that the shoestrings are even longer.

Step 4:- Turn the skateboard over and embed the shoelace into the openings straightforwardly underneath the beforehand utilized gaps. Force the shoelace totally through the two gaps. The two gaps ought to be associated by the shoelace in a vertical line.

Step 5:- Turn the skateboard over, grasp side up, and string each finish of the shoelace through the following arrangement of openings. Force the shoelace totally through the two openings, which should now be associated by the shoelace in a vertical line on the hold side of the skateboard.

Step 6:- Turn your skateboard over, graphics side up, and string each finish of the shoelace through the last arrangement of gaps.

Step 7:- Turn the skateboard over, grip side up, and pull the two finishes of the shoelace rigid. Tie a bunch in the shoelace, leaving enough slack for 2 or 3 fingers to fit between the start of the bunch and the skateboard. Tie an extra bunch for the included help.

How to Hang Skateboard on Wall

Step 1:- Decide if the board will be hung on a level plane or vertically. You will hang the skateboard with the hold side confronting the wall. Find the circle of shoestring confronting the highest point of your skateboard. This circle of the string will be utilised to hang the board from the photo holders.

Step 2:- Pick a spot on your wall to hang your skateboard. Hold the level against your wall and position it to the point that the air pocket sits between the two rules. Check this spot on the wall with your pencil. Utilize two picture holders in the event that you need to hang your skateboard on a level plane. When you have decided a level position on your wall, utilize the ruler to check an extra spot 6 crawls from your unique stamp.

Step 3:- Remove the defensive strip on the back of your glue picture holder. Place the holder on the spot set apart by the level. Press and hold the cement holder onto the wall for 30 seconds to accomplish a firm grasp. Enable the strip to sit on your wall for at least one hour before putting it to work.

Step 4:- Pull the shoestring to discharge slack in the region that you need to hang the skateboard from and put the shoestring on the grasping side of the skateboard over the lip of the photo holder.


The slack of the shoestring might be balanced by tying the knot nearer to or facilitate far from the skateboard. While the photo holders will bolster the heaviness of your skateboard when moored into drywall, securing the holders into a wall stud will give extra help. Run an electronic stud discoverer over your wall until the point when it beeps to find one edge of a wall stud.

Stamp this edge with the pencil and check for the opposite side of the stud, as a rule around 2 inches far from your first mark. If you don’t have a stud discoverer, thump on a zone of drywall; the thump will create a faint echo resound. Keep thumping on the drywall until the point that you experience a zone where the resound dies down.



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