How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft Server? – Get a Quick Solution


Minecraft had once broken all the popularity charts when it came to computer gaming. The game is still attaining new heights and performing decently well with enormous number of players. However, there are a few problems which could disrupt your intense moments in the match resulting in spoiling your game. The biggest issue that the users faced is to not allocate sufficient ram in the Minecraft server.

How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft Server

So, this article is all about giving you a quick solution on how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft. We have prepared a total number of 2 quick solutions which will give minecraft more RAM in order to run its gameplay as smooth as butter.

How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft Server?

1. Minecraft server Directory

  • How much ram is allocated: The performance of minecraft is highly dependent the amount of RAM you have allocated for it. In order to check ram allocated to different applications in the windows, you have to Start< Settings< System< About and checkout the figure post to “Installed RAM” option.
  • Checking your Java update: In order to allocate more ram to minecraft game, you have to keep an eye on your Java version as well. Download the latest Java version for your system from the official Java website.
  • Minecraft server directory: In order to begin your minecraft file, you need to open minecraft server directory folder which consists a .exe file name as Minecraft_server.exe.
  • Text document creation: You need to work on the server folder by creating a text document by following the following steps:Windows< File< New item< Text Document
  • Code to allocate more ram: If you want your system to give minecraft more ram, you need to feed your text document a specific code which is given below:

java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -exe

Minecraft_Server.exe -o true


  • Don’t forget to replace the #### to the megabytes you need to allocate more ram to minecraft. Fill 2048 for allocation of 2 GB RAM, for allowing 3 GB, type 3072, the code 4096 if you want to allocate 4 GB of RAM.
  • Saving the file: You need to change the extension of the current file. By clicking on ‘Save as’ and replacing the “.txt” to “.bat” format.
  • Running the new file: Your file is now ready to work, all you need to do is just to launch it and enjoy the game in your desired of allocated RAM.

2. Preferring 1.6 X launcher version :

  • Checking RAM allocation to your application: This step also starts with checking the RAM allocated to minecraft.
  • Java program update: As mentioned in the previous solution too, updating your java program will help your system to give minecraft more ram. Download latest java program version at
  • Go to minecraft launcher: Launch the minecraft launcher as the ram allocation option is available on that one, which will help to allocate more ram to minecraft server.
  • Profile Selection: After launching the minecraft launcher, click on the edit profile which will give you a list of profiles.
  • RAM allocation: This is the second last step which includes typing “-Xmx # G”. It has to be noted down that # would be replaced by the number of GB of RAM you want to allocate your game.
  • Enabling JVM: For this, you have go through this simple step- Java Settings< JVM Argument. Clicking on the option will let you enter commands in order to modify your minecraft server.
  • Save profile: The last step includes clicking on the ‘Save profile’ option and now you have allocated the desired amount of RAM to your minecraft.  

This way, you can easily allocate the required amount of RAM for Minecraft. The game gets more enjoyable with less worry about the space.



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