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Whether you are a fan of racing games or not you must have heard or seen Hill Climb Racing showing up in your Play Store or App store. Although, it’s a straightforward game with minimalistic graphics it’s best described as a physics-based racing game. If you love upgrading cars, earn bonus points, and gather coins than this game is the right choice for you. Today in this guide I’ll share with you all the hill climb racing tips and tricks to help you score higher and earn the maximum bonus.

Hill Climb Racing Games Cheats, Tips and Tricks - Top Gaming GuideIt’s difficult to earn coins and upgrade to the best hill climb racing vehicle, so you need to be smart while playing the game and our guide will help you do just exactly that.

Let’s dive right in!

Hill Climb Racing Tips

1) Try to Avoid Car Flips  

If you get excited everytime you press accelerator chances are you might flip your vehicle quite easily. If you flip the car once, there is the least chance of your survival. However, you might get lucky and can survive, but this won’t happen every time, and it’s not the best tip to follow.

The best tip is to slow down your vehicle and apply brakes whenever you see a plank. These will help you avoid the flipping issue. However, you need to be aware that you don’t use brakes too hard as it can be the reason for your vehicle to flip. So keep the balance between force and brake.

2) Choose the Right Upgrades

It completely depends on what your vehicle weakness is. If your vehicle finds it challenging to climb steep hills, then you must consider upgrading your engine, or you can even go with upgrading brakes. If handling is your car’s main problem, then you should consider upgrading the suspension. Moreover, if you don’t feel like your vehicle falls weak in any area then try updating all the four segments of your car.

3) Never Ignore Fuel Tanks

Those red canisters which you often see while moving forward are the ultimate lifesaver for you. Yes, this fuel tanks will help you reach your goal and complete the level efficiently, so you don’t need to go to any gas station. You should never avoid them as they will help keep your car’s tank full. Additionally, if you ignore those red containers, chances are you might lose the game.

fuel4) Select the best car in hill climb racing

Everyone’s ultimate goal is to get the best hill climb racing vehicle and finish over the game. Although, I would like to say it’s important to choose your car according to the level and difficulty. There are a few categories of the vehicle which I’d love to mention.

They are as follows:

  • Dragster
  • Jeep
  • Race Car
  • Tank
  • Truck
  • Tractor etc.,

Hill Climb Racing Games Cheats

The best way to earn more coins in the game is to perform tricks. However, make sure that on account of earning more coins you don’t lose them all with a crash landing!

Performing tricks is the best way to earn coins. Moreover, if you have had a lot of cash rolling out of your wallet, then you can head on to the store and buy coins with real cash. It’s not recommended though as real gamers grind and earn instead of buying it easy.

Wrap Up

The guide above was all about hill climb racing secrets and tips. There is more to it which you’ll discover while playing the game because practical experience is much better than theoretical guidance. And I know one day you’ll cross the moon because you are a star! Cheers!

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