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Chess is one of the most challenging and yet appealing game in this world that attracts millions of players worldwide. Although you do require a higher IQ to play this game, and while it comes naturally to some geniuses, it can also be LEARNT strategically by amateurs who wish to reach the very top.

best chess softwareA very sound and proven way to learn chess in the modern world is through computer software which come with pre-installed strategies and moves that can respond to every move you can think of and beat you while challenging you to be better. Some software is even equipped to adapt their strategy according to your strategy!

Best Chess Training Software

The best chess software for a person depends on the level of chess he plays at. If you are new to the game, you should choose a software that covers the basics, rule and beginner level strategies in depth. When you clear the basics, then you can move onto more advanced software.

Pro Tip – Your software choice should consider two things:

1)      It teaches you the basics, rules, strategies.

2)      It lets you play against the program and practice what you learn.

How you choose depends on you, but to help you choose from the best, we have compiled and reviewed the Best chess training software available on the market!

Fritz 15

Fritz 15Fritz 15 is one of the most common and infamous names when discussing the best chess training software. It has risen to fame since it has beaten some of the greatest players in the world of chess. Players like Kasparov and Kramnik have fallen prey to its chess prowess. It retails for $63.44 and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Unlike most software, this one tenders to the needs of all levels of players, be it beginners, intermediate or even tournament level players. It has some great training options and tutoring program at every level of the game.

The thing that we liked the most is that at the end of the match it highlights the moves and could-have-been-threats that you might have missed. This is really a good way to actually learn. The game also gives you an ELO rating for every stage of your game.

Con- No WCCC Win

Rybka 4

Rybka 4Rybka continues to be the top undisputed and unchallengeable computer chess program for about a decade now. It won FOUR consecutive WCCC’s from 2007-2010. Even other good chess programs use the Rybka Chess Engine to power their software.

The Rybka remains the best chess software if you are a professional player because of its strong and powerful game. And on that same note, we do not recommend it for the beginners as, even with a difficulty level setting; it rates as an unnecessarily higher level of difficulty that can demotivate the beginners.

The Rybka 4 is the latest version in the line of Rybkas and is currently retailed at $50 on Amazon. The company also gives you the option to buy a free, more basic version of the program to get an idea of the real gold they are hiding in their coveted software.

Con- Not suitable for beginners


ShredderAny list concerning the best chess pc games can’t be completed without Shredder. It is a program that has reigned over the international chess scene for almost two decades. Winning several WCCC’s in standard as well as blitz chess, it has led to several to claim that it is indeed the strongest chess program ever made.

The good thing about the Shredder is that is as user-friendly as they come. With an understandable user interface, it is easier to learn than most other programs. It is the most ideal for beginners.  It even comes with apps on phones in both Android and iOS, where it costs many times lesser than the pc software, and which provides certain flexibility to you as you can practice anywhere.

It is a bit pricey as compared to other programs, but considering its legacy and its claim to WCCC fame, the price just might be reasonable. For potential new users, it also has an option of a free trial of 30 days that is generous enough from our point of view.

Con- Costlier than others

Special Mentions

  • Komodo 10
  • Chessmaster 11
  • Checking


We recommend you to choose your software wisely, according to your needs, because all said and done, a chess software can be good and equally bad for your chess game. It can either teach you or totally demoralize you such that you never play again.

We made this list keeping exactly this in mind. Now you know about the pros and cons of all the top software, and you can make an informed decision on what suits your game the best!



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