Sunday, November 18, 2018
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I have completed my graduation in the field of Information Technology. I am an Author, SEO Professional, Social Media Expert, and a Cricket Lover. Sometimes people become judgmental for me, but I don't mind. When not busy in writing, I love to visit historical places.

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How to Clear Cache in Xbox One S

How to Clear Cache on Xbox One S? Top 2018 Hacks only for you

Everything needs cleaning and the Xbox One S is no different. If you start to notice lag while gaming that’s because Xbox One S...
How to Fall Faster in PUBG

How to Fall Faster in PUBG – Tips and Tricks to Land Fast

PUBG is all about getting Winner Chicken Dinner. But you all must be forgetting that it all starts with how fast you land on...
Escape Fort Joy

How to Escape Fort Joy – Different Ways to Get Out from Fort Joy

The main aim of the game Fort Joy is to get in and out of the fort. Well, there are numerous ways to come out...
How to make a custom game in pubg?

How to Make a Custom Game in PUBG? Now Play your Own Match

Lately, PUBG has been picking up a lot of buzz in the gaming industry. Well, their recent update where they released the custom games...
How to change HUD colour Elite Dangerous

How to Change HUD Colour Elite Dangerous- Easy Guide

The HUD Color Editor is a system that helps gamers to customise the colours of their HUD by changing the RGB values. The Head-up...