Best Refrigerant Recovery Machine


Best Refrigerant Recovery Machine

For the HVACR technicians, recovering the refrigerant from the HVAC or refrigeration system is an important daily task. And according to the latest announcement by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) phasedown of R-22, this important process will be grown more valuable. Though the refrigerant recovery system is a bit expensive and complicated, you will find a number of choices out there in the market. Every brand has its own story to prove its machine to be the unique logical choice. So, how will you decide which is the refrigerant recovery machine for your day-to-day task? One of my friend who is a technician also faced the same problem. And his confusion about purchasing the right product encourages me to write this article. Hope this post of “Refrigerant Recovery Machine” will help you buying a suitable refrigerant recovery equipment as my friend got.

Best Refrigerant Recovery Machine

RG3 Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine from RobinairThe RG3 has set a new standard in the refrigerant recovery equipment. The Robinair RG3 refrigerant recovery system is easy to use and is ideal for any residential or appliance sized recovery job.

Features of the Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine from Robinair are:

  • It has a compact and lightweight design, which is featured with 40% smaller footprint
  • Easy to carry with weight of only 18 pounds
  • It has an oil-less compressor, which can recover both vapor and liquid
  • It can handle all common HFC, CFC, HCFC refrigerants
  • It has a cross-flow design with high efficiency in which the layout of condenser and fan is maximized to have short cycle times
  • If the pressure rises above 550 PSI, the RG3 will automatically shut down the machine

CoolTech R-134A Robinair (34288) Recycling, Recharging, and Refrigerant Recovery MachineThe CoolTech 34288 Robinair is a combination of simple operations with superior accuracy and excellent quality. It recharges, recycles, recovers, and evacuates R-134A accurately and quickly.

Features of Robinair 34288 CoolTech Recharging, Recycling, and Recovery Machine are:

  • It comes with a display, which reminds you to empty the graduated container
  • It has a multilingual display to show you the amount of oil to replace
  • It also monitors remaining filter life and displays refrigerant use
  • It eliminates the damaging air without opening valves or monitoring gauges
  • You do not require to monitor the refrigerant level; it automatically signals if a user-selected amount of refrigerant changes

Yellow Jacket 95760 RecoverXLT - Refrigerant Recovery EquipmentThis is a single valve refrigerant recovery equipment which allows an easy changeover from liquid to vapor or vapor to liquid to purge. It consists of a Constant Pressure Regulator (CPR) valve, which regulates the refrigerant to the compressor.

Features of the Refrigerant Recovery Equipment from Yellow Jacket are:

  • It shuts off automatically when the pressure reaches at 517 PSI
  • It is made in the USA and tested by UL to ARI 740-98
  • It gauges and controls inset for protection
  • It has an angled design for an easy access and viewing
  • It comes with a high strength HDPE case for a rugged use

714-202-G1 Vortex Inficon Dual Refrigerant Recovery MachineThe Inficon vortex dual refrigerant recovery machine has proven capabilities with new extended features from the previous versions. It gives you the smallest, fastest, and easiest to use refrigerant recovery equipment until the date.

Features of the Inficon 714-202-G1 Refrigerant Recovery Machine are:

  • It is included with a filter/dryer
  • It is featured with a self-purge and does not need to change the hoses
  • The 1HP dual piston compressor gives you the top recovery rates
  • It comes with oversized fans, which provides exceptional cooling
  • The micro-channel condenser gives a high volume of heat exchange, which allows maintaining the recovery rates during the entire recovery cycle

Robinair RG6 Portable Refrigerant Recovery MachineThe RG6 refrigerant recovery machine from Robinair is featured with all the things those are needed for a technician to recover the refrigerants from the HVAC systems. It is a tough and rugged machine with fast and accurate recovery rates.

Features of the RG6 Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine from Robinair are:

  • It works with all HFC, CFC, HCFC refrigerants including the R-410A
  • It comes with a powerful safety switch, which automatically shuts off the recovery machine if the pressure goes above 550 PSI
  • It can handle both the vapor and liquid recovery with the oil-less compressor
  • It gives the best in class performance with a twin-cylinder design
  • It saves time by having the potential of cross-contamination

95762 Yellow Jacket Recover XLT Refrigerant Recovery System with SensorThe Recover XLT refrigerant recovery system from Yellow Jacket gives a fully automatic operation for a faster and easier recovery. The single valve design allows controlling for an easy changeover from vapor to liquid to purge.

Features of the 95762 Yellow Jacket Refrigerant Recovery System are:

  • It makes you able to recover Class III, IV, and V refrigerants including the R-410A
  • It comes with a CPR (Constant Pressure Regulator) valve which regulates the refrigerant to the compressor
  • It automatically shuts off when the unit reaches 13” of the vacuum level
  • It has rounded corners which help to protect from scrapes and nicks
  • It is made in the USA and tested by UL to ARI 740-98
  • Comes with a shut-off sensor

ECO-2020 Bacharach 2020-8000 Refrigerant Recovery MachineThis refrigerant recovery unit from Bacharach is a faster, powerful and more economical, high-quality refrigerant recovery machine. It comes with a powerful and silent working 1HP compressor.

Features of the 2020-8000, Eco-2020 Bacharach Refrigerant Recovery Machine are:

  • It has a simple one-knob and three-step operation
  • It evacuates a typical residential system in just 5 minutes
  • It comes with a powerful twin-cylinder refrigerant recovery equipment
  • It virtually recovers any refrigerant in a quick, quiet and effortless way
  • Recovers all non-flammable refrigerants including HFC, CFC, and HCFCs
  • It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty

Though the answer for having the best refrigerant recovery machine varies from one technician to another, this article will surely help you to check the reviews of all the best brands providing refrigerant recovery equipment. The machines differ in terms of designs and configurations from brand to brand, but the basics remain same in all of them. Not a single machine is perfect for everyone, so you need to choose a right portable refrigerant recovery machine according to your budget and your specific requirements. Hope you liked my post on the “Refrigerant Recovery Machine” and will share it with your technician friends to help them finding a good refrigerant recovery system.



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