Best Digital HVAC Gauges of 2021 – Top 5 Best Manifold Gauges


Best Digital HVAC GaugesHello guys, today we will have a quick review of the Best Digital HVAC Gauges. Engineers and technicians working on AC systems need digital HVAC gauges to get a complete diagnosis of the Air conditioning system. A digital gauge checks the pressure and tells you if there are any leaks.

Best Digital HVAC Gauges

Let us move ahead and watch this whole video to know the best Digital HVAC Gauges available online.

1. Testo 550 Digital Manifold Kit

Testo 550 Digital Manifold KitTesto 550 is an ideal tool for harsh environments with data storage for up to 60 refrigerants. It has two temperature-compensated pressure sensors, and the wireless manifold determines high and low pressure and evaporation and condensation temperature. It displays the temperature difference, temperature-compensated leakage tests and calculation of superheating and subcooling. Connect the app to Bluetooth and get the results on your phone.


2. Fieldpiece Digital Manifold for HVAC 

Fieldpiece Digital Manifold for HVACFieldpiece SM480V SMAN Digital Gauge has a super rugged construction. This tool sends and receives wireless readings. It comes with protected thermocouple jacks for pipe and outdoor temps. It is a heavy-duty tool with impact-resistant and an over-mould casing. It logs up to 7 days. It has an adjustable auto power off duration, with backlight controls and vacuum alarms.


3. BELEY Digital HVAC System Gauge

BELEY Digital HVAC System GaugeIt is an ideal tool for the installation, testing and maintenance of refrigeration. It has a double pressure test, dual temperature test, digital readout, multi-unit switching, multi-mode function and built-in refrigerant database. It efficiently measures double pressure, dual temperature measurement. It has a built-in 89 kinds of refrigerant pressure-evaporation temperature database. It also calculates the percentage of vacuum measurement, pressure leak measurement, leak time speed record. It features a large-size liquid crystal display. It comes with a 1/4-inch standard interface design that ensures durability and versatility. This tool is made of high-precision quality and a 24-month warranty.


4. Testo Digital HVAC Gauges

Testo Digital HVAC GaugesIt gives you precise pressure and temperature measurements, as well as superheat and subcooling calculations. You can pair this tool with several air and surface probes that make measurements easier. It comes with a simplified menu, and the device is handy and user-friendly. This kit enables real-time Evaporator and Condenser measurements, assuring maximum efficiency.


5. Elitech EMG-40V Digital Manifold Kit

Elitech EMG-40V Digital Manifold KitThis digital gauge is simple & has an easy operation. It features a 5″ intelligent touch screen, precise data, and a graph display. You can connect its app with Bluetooth for data monitoring and analysis in real-time. It switches between heat and cooling mode without changing the refrigerant hoses. It also has an automatic measurement of superheating and subcooling.

It also monitors the system vacuum with leak detection, built-in temperature compensation to monitor the pressure holding process accurately.


My pick from all these digital HVAC gauges is the Testo 550. It is a great starter rig for beginners as well as professionals. This is a fantastic buy that does all your work, just the right way.



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