Best 20-Ton Shop Press — Genuine Reviews 2022


Best 20-Ton Shop PressHello, welcome or welcome back to our review blog. Today we will be talking about the best 20-ton shop press available in the market. Before we begin, here are some of the things you should be looking for while buying a shop press. Look for precision and accuracy; you do not want your work to be delayed or ruined halfway. Go for models that have adjustable power features and slide controls for lateral movement.

Best 20-Ton Shop Press

Now that you know the basics, here is the list of the top five 20 ton shop press reviews.

1. Black Widow 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

Black Widow 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop PressGreat for huge projects


  • It has eight different height positions, and the ram can be adjusted between 2.75 and 10 inches. 
  • The shop press has two heel blocks that hold your item in place by not letting it move while working.
  • Its hydraulic jack and accompanying lever makes it easy to determine how much of the 20-ton load is there.  
  • It is made of the highest quality parts, even when it comes to its bolts and washers.


2. Black Widow 20 Ton Shop Press

Black Widow A 20 Ton Shop PressA reasonably priced 20-ton shop press. 


  • This shop press has an air pump that is equipped with a convenient handle to make pumping easier and faster. 
  • The ram of the press can be extended for an extra ten inches from the base. And even horizontally.
  • It has a sleek black finish in the form of a powder coat that protects it from rust and smudges. 
  • It has two heel blocks that help limit movement while in use; and has a two-way operation method.


3. OEMTOOLS  20 Ton Bottle Jack Shop Press

OEMTOOLS 20 Ton Bottle Jack Shop PressOne of the best options for a 20-ton shop press. 


  • It has two springs on either side of the cylinder that quickly pulls the ram head back. 
  • This shop press has excellent accuracy, and the speed of the pullback makes it the best 20-ton shop press. 
  • Its bed has a 4.7-inch opening, and the 1.8-inch ram makes denting and straightening a very efficient process.
  • It has a thick table equipped with an adjustment pin and is made with cast iron press plates.


4. Sunex 5720 Hydraulic Shop Press 

Sunex 5720 Hydraulic Shop PressA convenient motor design


  • This 20-ton shop press has a lever that can operate the bottle jack and can be toggled between these two options based on what’s more comfortable.
  • It has a broader frame than the average press, and its width contributes to the overall strength and stability. 
  • It comes with extra accessories that eliminate a lot of downtime due to the lack of critical components. 
  • This press is perfect for straightening gears and bushings, and the added accessories make this capable enough as big machinery.


5. Ironton 20-Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

Ironton 20-Ton Hydraulic Shop PressThis one has variable table adjustment with holding pins


  • It has an adjustable lower platform and an H-frame that makes it more durable than the bolted design. 
  • It has an extra-long handle that helps anyone working with it for an easy pumping force. 
  • It is made of robust steel construction that has reinforced critical stress points for maximum enhanced durability.
  • This 20-ton shop press has a wide, rugged base that adds stability and strength to the overall mechanism.


After a lot of research, my choice is the Black Widow 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press. It has eight different height options, and it is easy to assemble and needs minimal strength to punch items.



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