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If you are a woodworker, or you want to shave down or cut the wood at your home or workplace, the hand planer is a useful handheld tool. You may find some articles on Google search page about not using the handheld planers these days, but the fact is that it is still an important tool which you can keep in your toolbox all time. You can straighten out cooked cuts or nicks in your lumber material, shape your door which is too tight for opening or smooth a freshly sawn surface. An electric hand planer is a perfect tool to invest in due to the quality features it offers and the wide range of tasks it can perform. Check this below list of the “Power Hand Planer” and complete your tool box by getting one from it.

Best Power Hand Planer

WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand PlanerWith the 6-Amp dependable planing power, the WEN 6530 is the best electric hand planer. Fixing the stubborn doors or fitting the wood, for any bench-top lumber project, the WEN 6530 is a perfect choice.

Features of WEN 6530 Electric Hand Planer are:

  • The powerful 6-amp motor generates 34,000 cuts per minute (17000 cuts per side with a double-sided blade)
  • The blades are reversible and easy to replace
  • 16 positive stops provide variety of cuts anywhere from 0 to 1/8 inch
  • Comes with a kickstand which prevents unnecessary contact of blade with the workpiece while not is use
  • It is perfect for rabbeting, chamfering, and last minute alterations
  • A reversible dust bag, a rebating guide, a parallel fence bracket, and a chamfered groove also comes with the planer
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty from the company

Makita KP0810 7.5 Amp Portable Hand PlanerThe KP0810 is a 3.25-inch handheld planer from Makita which has a combination of lightweight components and a powerful 7.5 Amp motor. It has a high power-to-weight ratio, an ergonomically-centered balance, and rubberized front & rear handles.

Features of Makita KP0810 Portable Hand Planer are:

  • Engineered for professional construction framing and fine woodworking
  • It comes with a spring-loaded stand which elevates the base and protects the blades and workpiece
  • The heavy duty 7.5-amp motor with a Two-blade cutter head generates 16000 RPM and increases stock removal
  • For a convenient use, you can direct the chip ejection to either side of the tool
  • Three chamfering groove options; 1.4mm, 3mm, and 4mm
  • Planes the lumber up to 5/32” deep and 3-1/4” wide in a single pass

DEWALT DW680K 7-Amp Hand Wood PlanerThe DEWALT DW680K is a traditional hand wood planer which gives a minimum cut depth of 2.5mm in a single pass. It has a heavy duty construction with a lightweight and sturdy outer body.

Features of DEWALT DW680K Hand Wood Planer are:

  • It has a powerful 7-amp motor which provides smooth and even finishes in the hardest of lumber
  • The carbide blades have highly precise, detailed, and tougher construction
  • It uses a calibrated depth adjustment knob to set the depth precisely and to eliminate the need of adjusting to zero regularly and waste wood
  • The two-finger trigger makes it comfortable for use and does not feel you exhausted for a long time use
  • This best hand planer is a necessary tool for any woodworking shop

PORTER-CABLE PC60THP 6-Amp Power Hand PlanerThe PORTER-CABLE PC60THP power hand planer comes with a 6-amp motor which provides a smooth cutting even in toughest materials. It comes with an adapter which allows you to hook it up with your shop’s vacuum.

Features of PORTER-CABLE PC60THP Power Hand Planer are:

  • It has a maximum load speed of 16500 rpm which gives a smooth material removal
  • The Dual side dust extraction allows the flexibility to choose the place for the dust removal on either side of the tool
  • Ten positive steps with the over mold depth knob give a better control on the planer
  • The maximum rabbit depth of 0.47” removes more material per pass
  • 11.5” cast aluminum shoe offers better control and finishes quality

Black & Decker 7698K Electric Hand PlanerThe Black & Decker has designed this electric hand planer which features a high torque motor of 5.2-amp which gives a deep wood cutting capacity. The 7699K power hand planer is the perfect tool for smoothing the lumber, shaving your door if it is too tight, and for creating decorative edges on decks and railings.

Features of Black & Decker 7698K Electric Hand Planer are:

  • The 5.2-amp powerful motor gives 16000 revolutions per minute and offers versatile functionality
  • It provides a 5/64” deep and 3-1/4” wide depth cutting capacity in a single pass
  • Ten positive stops for giving accurate and precise control on the hand planer
  • The lock-on button adds more convenience
  • Comes with a vacuum dust adapter which provides a clean work area

Hitachi P20ST Portable Hand PlanerThis portable hand planer from Hitachi is a great combo tool for all woodworkers. It has a motor of 5.5-amp and can work with any outlet. The removable blades of P20ST allow to take them out and sharpen your lumber by yourself.

Features of Hitachi P20ST Portable Hand Planer are:

  • The 5.5-amp motor generates 17,000RPM forcible power for efficient cuts
  • It has a built-in kickstand which prevents unnecessary contact of blade and workpiece when not in use
  • The double-edged and re-sharp enabled blades are cost-effective and durable
  • Maximum cut depth of 1/16” gives you flexibility
  • The lightweight design of just 5.5lbs makes it an entirely portable hand planer

High power, ease of working, and a handheld design are some of the attractive features of the hand planer. A portable hand planer with enough power cuts or grinds down the lumber materials, especially tough materials like a hardwood and completes the job efficiently. The handheld planer with a minimum power of 5 amps is likely to be a useful tool to have. If you are going to use this tool for frequent times and more detailed work, then it is advisable to go for a planer with a 7-amp power. A benchtop planer is a portable and efficient tool which is beneficial for the individuals as well as for professionals. Woodworkers, carpenters, furniture makers, and other lumber industrialists should have this inexpensive and multitasking tool in their assembly. Hope you will find your perfect tool from the above list of the “Power Hand Planer” and complete your woodworking tasks efficiently.



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