Best Benchtop Thickness Planer Reviews


Best Benchtop Thickness Planer ReviewsIn today’s post, I will provide you with the “Benchtop Thickness Planer Reviews”. Yes, it is true that all the thickness planers do the same job – ‘dimensioning your wood accurately’, but the best thickness planer leaves a less cleanup work for you and provides the best combination of smoothness and finishing. The idea behind adding multiple thickness planers in this list is to give you a range of choice according to your budget, power need, and size you can accommodate for it. Check the benchtop planer reviews below and get the exceptional cut quality with a great tool.

DEWALT DW735 Best Thickness PlanerWith the powerful 15-amp motor and reversible, disposable knives, the DEWALT DW735 is the best thickness planer tested by our professionals and so is on the top of our list. It is featured with easy-to-use depth stops, a powerful built-in blower, a depth-of-cut gauge, and two feed speeds.

Features of DEWALT DW735 Thickness Planer:

  • The powerful 15-amp motor easily handles larger cuts in wider materials
  • The cutter-head with three knives delivers 30% more life and allows a faster and easier knife change
  • With the two-speed gear box, you can change the feed speed at 96 to 179 CPI for an optimised cuts per inch
  • Featured with a Fan-Assisted Chip Ejection System which breaks down the debris and blows them out of the machine
  • Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, a three-year limited warranty, and a one-year free service contract from the company
DEWALT has an another variation of a 12-inch thickness planer which is named as DEWALT DW734.

Makita 2012NB Wood Thickness PlanerThis 12-inch portable thickness planer from Makita comes with an exclusive Interna-Lok automated headlamp. It delivers quieter operation, easier and faster blade changes which provide maximum productivity.

Features of Makita 2012NB Portable Thickness Planer are:

  • For being the best portable thickness planer, the 2012NB has a compact design and lightweight construction
  • It has a low noise up to 83dB for the comfort of the operator
  • Featured with large table extensions which help to support the workpiece
  • Has a LED light which indicates if the planer is plugged into the power source
  • Has and adjustable depth stop for repeated cuts

Delta Power Tools 22-555 Portable Thickness PlanerThe Delta Power Equipment Corporation which is one of the most trusted brands in the woodworking business since 90 years has developed this portable thickness planer to provide a smooth and accurate planing.

Features of Delta Power Tools 22-555 Portable Thickness Planer are:

  • Its powerful 15A motor is enough for handling all the demands of a small wood shop
  • The four column design provides a better stability and smooth, accurate planing
  • For reducing snipes and give a better support to long pieces, it has adjustable infeed and outfeed tables
  • The dust port is reversible, so you can collect chips from either right or from left side of the thickness planer
  • Easy knife-changing system helps you to change knives without any difficulty
  • 5-year limited warranty included from the manufacturer

WEN 6550 Thickness Planer ReviewThis benchtop thickness planer from WEN comes with a granite table and gives an exceptionally smooth finish to your rough and worn wood. It is backed by a service network from expert technicians, a wonderful customer support, and a 2-year company warranty.

Features of WEN 6550 Benchtop Thickness Planer:

  • The powerful 15-amp motor generates a maximum of 18,800 cuts per minute
  • The dust port is fan assisted which removes the sawdust out of your workplace
  • The portable infeed and outfeed tables support longer work pieces
  • The rubber-grip handle helps you to easily adjust the height of your planer
  • WEN 6550 is built with a tri-roller feeding system to minimise the snipe

Powermatic 1791213 Thickness PlanerThis wood thickness planer from Powermatic is built with a Byrd shelix helical cutter head which gives smooth and quiet cuts. The Powermatic 1791213 thickness planer is ideal for the precision wood dimensioning.

Features of 1791213 Powermatic Thickness Planer are:

  • The Byrd helical cutter head with 98 four-sided knife inserts gives quieter, smoother and finer cutting finish
  • The 3HP powerful motor is controlled by a magnetic switch which adds extra safety
  • The 3 V-belts transfer the maximum power to the helical cutter head
  • The metal dust hood deflects debris away from the cutter head
  • 15HH 15-inch thickness planer is backed by 5-year warranty from the company

PORTER CABLE PC305TP Benchtop Thickness PlanerThe powerful PC305TP thickness planer from PORTER-CABLE is ideal for dimensioning any lumber for the desired thickness. It even gives a plane shape to glued-up wood materials. The high carbon steel and double edged reversible knives double the cutting life.

Features of PORTER CABLE PC305TP Benchtop Thickness Planer:

  • The patented cutter elevation on the ground columns gives superior stability for cutting
  • For the smoother operation and longer life, the solid steel cutter head with quick changing knives is mounted on ball bearings
  • The 15 Amp motor is powerful enough for giving superior stock removal
  • The poly V-belt cutter head gives maximum power transfer
  • The powerful cutter head provides 16000 cuts per minute

Grizzly G0505 Thickness PlanerOne of my friend who is in the woodworking business wanted a lightweight and portable planer which also gives a smooth and faster cut. I suggested him to buy this Grizzly G0505 thickness planer and after 3 months of use, he is a very happy guy with what he got I can see.

Features of Grizzly G0505 Wood Thickness Planer:

  • The 2HP powerful motor generates the cutter head speed of 10000RPM
  • Instead of the default 1/16” thick knives, it has two 1/18” thick knives which let this thickness planer little rule your wood job site
  • It provides faster, smoother, and easier cuts without lacking any build and design quality
  • It has top-mounted return rollers, extra-large table extensions and a feed rate of 32 FPM

Whether you are a hobbyist or a serious wood crafter, you are desired to have the top-quality product for the money you are spending. Before buying a portable thickness planer, you should check its knives whether they are self-indexing or not, gauges and stops, power, and dust collection. If a benchtop jointer planer has a good combination of all such things, it is advisable to get it even if you need to add some more in your budget. Because the things like a portable thickness planer are not one of them which can be bought every other PayDay. In the above “Benchtop Thickness Planer Review”, I have added only the top-quality thickness planers which are tested and checked by the professional wood crafters. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Comparison of our top three picks:

DEWALT DW735 Makita 2012NB Powermatic 1791213
Power (Amp) 15 15 15
Blade Count 3 2 74
Max Cut Depth (Inch) 0.13 0.13 0.25
Planer Type Stationary Bench Stationary
Dimensions (Inches) 24 x 22 x 18.8 19 x 30.4 x 15.8 48 x 28 x 43.5
Power Tool Type Corded Corded-Electric Corded-Electric
Tool Weight (LBS) 92 59.5 502
Speed (RPM) 10000 8500 4500



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