Best 60 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews of 2018


A 60 gallon air compressor adds substantial worth to your home or workshop premises. This apparatus has the potential to command multiple tools at a given time. Such a valuable addition calls for ample consideration, comparisons and research.

Every customer wants to procure a commodity befitting in terms of work and money worthiness. Aspects like durability, portability and costing certainly top the charts when purchasing an air compressor.

Above all, one must outline the personal requisites in tandem with the tasks in hand and the work environment. Gaining clarity on these vital issues prior to the purchase make the selection relatively easier.

Best 60 Gallon Air Compressor

As a step towards facilitating your purchase, we have compiled 60 gallon air compressor reviews of certain brands rated as the best in the market. Have a look and take your pick!

Best 60 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews of 2018

Industrial Air ILA3606056This is a very powerful still affordable air compressor. It is compatible for usage in any workshop or garage. This machine will never let you down even of it means powering the most demanding equipment for any duration of time. The quiet operations make it even suitable for usage at home workshops, offering it a position in the league of the best 60 gallon air compressor.

Have a look at its luring features.

  • 155 psi twin cylinder pump offers an exclusively high 11.5 cfm at 90 psi taking care of all operations in your workplace.
  • It contains synthetic oil for high proficiency and extended life.
  • It comes with a 240 volt heavily powered induction motor.
  • The compressor comprises of the pressure gauge and on/off switch.
  • An additional virtue is imparted by one piece cast iron crankcase and 12 inch cast iron crankcase.

Ingersoll Rand SS3L3Ingersoll gives you the assurance of performance, affordability, and reliability. This machine promises to deliver more power to do higher potential of work in a lesser duration of time. It is ideal for commercial or contractor usage. Compatible with OSHA standards, this compressor is well equipped to handle an array of jobs.

Some of the outstanding characteristics of this vertical air compressor are:

  • It comes with a 3 HP single phase motor providing thermal overload security and manual reset option.
  • It comprises of a manual drain technology.
  • The tool is single stage splash lubricated belt driven.
  • Components are engineered with keen precision and are constructed out of double cast iron.
  • The tool showcases the ability to compress air to a maximum of pressure in a single stroke.
  • It is versatile in action and projects hassle free operation.
  • The electric motor is potent in action yet spins quietly.

Quincy QT-54 SplashQuincy delivers to you a very aggressive gas powered air compressor. Despite having immense power to support any industrial task, the tool surprises you with a reduced operating cost. The machine produces minimal vibrations during operations. A true value for money! You definitely want to buy this vertical air compressor.

Browse through the salient features.

  • The Baldor motor comes with a stamp of US production.
  • Overload protection is catered for via the capacitor start motor accompanied by built-in thermal overload.
  • The device provides less than 5 PPM oil carry over rating.
  • The compressor executes 15.2 CFM at 175 PSI.
  • Pump RPM is 1310.

Puma Industries PK-6060VThe 60 gallon air compressor from Puma Industries comes with a stamp of reliability and work proficiency. This single stage, electric belt drive compressor is perfect for professional and DIY endeavors.

Its striking features include:

  • The compressor contains an oil lubricated single cast iron pump.
  • Pressure control of outlet air is taken care of by built-in pressure regulator and quick coupler.
  • The product offers you maximum mobility owing to the presence of steel wheels with ball bearings.
  • The overloading issues are best handled by the single phase induction motors.
  • Specification highlights augmenting its value are 3 HP Running, 135 Max PSI, 230/1 Voltage/Phase, 60 Gallons and 305 lbs.

Porter Cable PXCMLC3706056The company’s presence for over 100 years in the market is sufficient to prove its credibility. Porter Cable delivers top quality professional equipment at a luring value. The 60 gallon air compressor loaded with 240-volt induction motor ascertains optimum performance.

Browse through its incredible characteristics.

  • Equipped with a thermally stable cast iron cylinder body.
  • 13.4 CFM at 40 psi and 11.5 CFM at 90 psi.
  • Heavy duty 240-volt induction motor.
  • It has an oil lubricated pump with a one-piece cast iron crankcase.
  • Automotive style ball bearings.
  • Efficient Swedish stainless steel reed valves.
  • Oil level sight glass accompanied by easily accessible oil fills.

DeWalt DXCMV5076055This compressor offers you par excellence professional expertise. Its outstanding feature is the Thermal Overload Protection System. This facet gives complete protection to the machinery by minimizing the fluctuations in power. DeWalt is one name that will never let you down. Be it lightweight, portable, high volume or high capacity – you mention a requisite and the company has a unit to fulfill your demand!

Here are some of the interesting features of this 60 gallon 5 hp air compressor:

  • The industrial performance capacity of the device is a maximum of [email protected] PSI.
  • This capacity offers sufficient power to sustain the running of multiple devices at the same time.
  • The patented pump design keeps the temperature of the pump in control during operations.
  • 60 gallon ASME air receiver accompanied by large ¾ inch air outlet port ensures larger capacity.
  • The tank pressure gauge, the on/off switch and wire form belt guard facilitate the cooling of the compressor.
  • No requirement of a magnetic starter.
  • No fear of voltage fluctuations.

NorthStar Electric Air CompressorThis heavy duty 60 gallon 5 hp air compressor from Northstar has several merits such as a long pump life, quiet operation, and excellent heat dissipation. The presence of ball bearings on the either sides of the crankshaft facilitates smoothness of functions and promise durability.

The machine’s distinguishing aspects include:

  • The compressor is equipped with 5 HP, 230V single phase 3450 RPM electric motor.
  • Heat dissipation and minimal moisture content owing to the copper- finned inter and after coolers.
  • The pump operates at 1180 RPM.
  • The machine delivers 15.5 CFM@ 90 PSI and 17 CFM@ 40 PSI.
  • Presence of cast iron and oil lubricated 3 cylinder equipped single stage pump.

Having gained an overview of the latest brands in the market may have eased your confusion to some extent. Apart from the features of each tool for garage or workshop, there are certain fundamental aspects that require your attention.

Firstly, seek a longer warranty period as this purchase will last you for an extended timeframe. Secondly, inspect the dimensions of the machine in coordination with the workspace as it projects minimal portability. Finally, remember to position it favorably to offer maximum work range.

That’s all from us with regards to 60 gallon air compressor reviews. Happy shopping! Hope you purchase wisely and get a product truly worth the investment!



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