Best Wood Deck Stain and Sealer Reviews


To maintain the health of the wood decks which lasts for a long time, you need the deck stain and sealer for your decks. Either you can get sealer finish or a stain finish. Sealer finish is clear and shows the original color of your deck, while stains come in a color form. An unsealed wood can be damaged by the mildew, bad weather, UV lights, and other environmental factors. So, it will be better if you apply a proper seal coat on your wood decks routinely. But choosing the best deck sealer is not an easy task because there are so many brands out there claiming to be the best. So, to help my potential readers, I have researched and written the article on “Wood Deck Stain and Sealer Reviews”. Check the wood sealer reviews below and select the right sealer for your deck.

Best Wood Deck Stain and Sealer Reviews

Best Wood Deck Stain

Travaco Gluvit Epoxy Waterproof Sealer – The Best Wood Deck SealerThis is a waterproof epoxy sealer from Travaco, which seeks, fills, and seals crack in the wood, metal, and fiberglass. You can renew your deteriorated wood by applying a few strokes to strengthen and penetrate stringers, molding, and decking.

Features of the Best Wood Deck Sealer from Travaco are:

  • It is a 1.8lbs waterproof epoxy sealer
  • It seeks, fills, and seals crack in metal, wood, and fiberglass
  • It seals aluminum rivets, seams, and leaks around your cabins or decks
  • Its long working time gives the maximum penetration
  • It can be easily top coated with bottom or topside coatings

OneTime Wood Protector from Bond Dist. LTD- Best Deck Stain and SealerThis an all in one deck stain and sealer from Bond Dist. LTD, which is a One Time wood preservative, protector, and stain. It is my all-time favorite wood protector.

Features of GAL NAT Wood Stain/Sealer from Bond Dist. LTD are:

  • It is made with a resin acrylate blend which gives long lasting 7 years’ wood protection
  • It is more durable and effective at blocking UV lights
  • It is the best deck stain and sealer which comes with color and pigmentation
  • It is neither oil or water based deck stain
  • One gallon of this product covers approx. 150-200 square feet area

Ready Seal Natural Cedar Exterior Wood Deck Stain SealerThe Ready Seal wood deck stain sealer enhances the natural beauty of your deck and allows the texture and grain of the wood to be visible. It is manufactured with a unique formula which penetrates deeply and protects your wood.

Features of Ready Seal Natural Cedar Exterior Wood Deck Stain Sealer are:

  • It is a goof-proof application
  • It is a semi-transparent, oil based deck stain and sealer
  • It protects your wood deck from mildew, mold, and UV rays
  • It has no laps, runs or streaks, and no back brushing
  • You can apply it in any temperature

TWPGemini TWP101-1G Deck Water Sealer from Total Wood PreservativeThe TWP101 from Total Wood Preservative is manufactured with a combination of chemicals and a professional strength. It is a top deck water sealer which has an excellent longevity.

Features of TWP101-1G Deck Water Sealer from Total Wood Preservative are:

  • This is a 1 Gallon deck water sealer from TWP
  • It is a penetrating stain and not a film former
  • It is a semi-transparent stain which preserves the natural color of your wood
  • It repeals water and aids in color retention
  • It can be applied on both vertical and horizontal surfaces

Penofin Deep Penetrating Oil Treatment for Pressure Treated WoodCableView Railing has manufactured this transparent penetrating oil formula for exterior woods. It is formulated in such method that allows the wood to breathe!

Features of Penofin Best Deck Stain for Pressure Treated Wood from CableView Railing are:

  • It can be used for pressure treated woods like ironwood, teak, mahogany, ipe, and pau lope
  • Allow the stain to properly penetrate wood and sit for at least 20-30 minutes
  • The deep oil penetration treatment protects your wood inside and out
  • It protects your deck wood from mold, mildew, and UV rays
  • It will not crack, bubble or peel

THOMPSONS WATERSEAL 041851-16 Natural Wood Protector Transparent StainThis is a convenient and durable wood deck sealer, then THOMPSON WATERSEAL 041851-16 is the best deck stain and sealer for you. It is built to protect your deck wood from UV damage and mildew growth.

Features of THOMPSONS WATERSEAL 041851-16 Natural Wood Protector Transparent Stain are:

  • This is a deck water sealer which dries quickly and has an easy clean up
  • It has a much easier application process than oil based sealers
  • It is an all in one transparent wood sealer and stain
  • It is ideal for decks, fences, outdoor furniture and exterior wood
  • Use of advanced polymers provides a fade resistant color

Flood Deck Stain - Cwf-Uv5 Wood Finish Oil Base Natural StainThe CWF-UV5 is an oil based wood finish Flood deck stain which protects and beautifies your exterior wood. It is built with an advanced formulation which guards your deck wood against water and sun UV rays.

Features of Cwf-Uv5 Wood Finish Oil Base Natural Flood Deck Stain are:

  • It has a premium oil based finish which is ideal for newer and less weathered wood
  • It adds minimal color to your deck wood and highlights its natural wood grain
  • It is built with a Climate Guard Technology which protects your wood from sun and water
  • The Flood deck stain is perfect for decks, fences, and sidings
  • The penetrating formula ensures the long-lasting performance

You will find a number of sites offering the deck sealer reviews and have their own rating lists. I have made this article on “Wood Deck Stain and Sealer Reviews” by researching the use of deck sealer by professional contractors, woodworkers, and by my personal home improvement projects. The criteria to choose the best deck sealer are recommendations, maintenance, performance, and durability. Based on this, you can get the best deck stain and sealer to keep your deck alive.



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