For every person, his/her home is his/her, Castel, …right? And everyone wants to keep their home really safe from unwanted visitors when they leave for work or school. One of the most important aspects of your home security is your home windows. Burglars use doors or windows to enter your home, and if you have already secured your solid doors with the Best Door Lock for Home, then your weakest point of entry will be the windows. For this, the window safety locks can make you worry free. The “Best Window Locks” are a simple, highly effective and affordable burglar deterrent. Check the list below and get your best security window locks to secure your home.

Best Window Locks

Prime-Line Products U 9809 Sliding Window Lock (Pack of 2)The U9809 Sliding Window Lock from Prime-Line Products is constructed from a die-cast material and comes in a white painted finish. It is the bestseller on AMAZON in Window Locks & Latches category.

Features of U 9809 Sliding Window Lock from Prime-Line Products are:

  • It comes in a white painted finish
  • It can be used on vertical and horizontal sliding windows in the form of secondary window lock
  • Perfect for the vinyl windows
  • It is constructed from the diecast material
  • It does not require tools for the installation
  • It is featured with a ‘vise-like’ grip which can be extended up to 1/2” wide for a secure hold on a thick vinyl rail

HnF Sliding Window Lock (Pack of 4)This aluminum sliding window lock is designed by HnF and can be installed easily in three steps. It is the bestseller on AMAZON in Shutter Hinges category.

Features of the Sliding Window Lock from HnF are:

  • It is a security window lock made from aluminum material
  • It is easy to install and requires no tools
  • It is reusable and requires no tools and keys
  • 3 step fast and easy installation process
  • It is a great replacement for your traditional window locks

Cresci Products Window Safety Locks from Window Wedge (2 Per Pack)The Window Wedge has designed these adjustable window safety locks for double hung and horizontal sliding windows. It contains one pack of Cresci products which contains two white window stops.

Features of the Window Wedge Security Window Locks are:

  • They are made from durable ABS plastic
  • They require no tools and screws for the installation
  • You can set the Window Wedge for making child proof window locks
  • It can be set to multiple window settings for the desired opening
  • Comes in a two number of Cresci products white Window Wedge window stops

Cardinal Gates Window Safety LocksThe Cardinal Gates Window Warden makes it possible to leave windows opened and unlocked. It allows to open up your windows to a maximum of 4” and also prevents it from opening further.

Features of the Window Safety Locks from Cardinal Gates are:

  • It adds an extra level of security to your home windows without sacrificing the fresh air
  • It is easy to install on most of the windows
  • In case of emergency, it can be easily removed by adults
  • It has a compact and neutral design which complements any décor
  • It is compliant to sec R612 IAW International Residential Code

Prime Line U-10551 Sliding Window LockThe U-10551 is a pack of six prime line sliding windows locks from Prime Line. Each pack contains two locks which fit in both wide and narrow type tracks.

Features of the U-10551 Sliding Window Lock from Prime Line are:

  • It helps to lock your windows securely in closed or ventilating position
  • It is made from extruded aluminum with no-mar vinyl
  • It fits in both wide and narrow type tracks
  • It requires no cutting and can be easily installed
  • You will receive a total of 12 locks in 6 packs of the prime line sliding window locks

QCI Direct Window Bar LockThe QCI Direct Window Bar Lock gives your home windows extra protection against intruders. It can be easily placed and locked on the frame, which adds an extra security line to protect your home.

Features of the QCI Direct Windows Bar Lock are:

  • It gives an extra protection layer against intruders
  • It locks into the place of the window frame
  • It is a sturdy 1inch diameter steel tube
  • It can be adjusted from 17” to 29” length
  • This Window Bar Lock is easy to install and requires no tools

Prime-Line Products F 2588 Window Sash LockThe F 2588 Window Sash Lock from Prime-Line Products is having a diecast construction and can be used for vertical and horizontal sliding home windows. It is featured with the 5/16inch narrow keeper.

Features of the F2588 Window Sash Lock from Prime-Line Products are:

  • It is constructed from diecast zinc and has a white backed-on enamel finish
  • This window sash lock has 2-1/16inch mounting hole on both the keeper and cam-action latch
  • It can be used on vertical single or double hung sliding windows
  • It also perfectly fits in the horizontal windows
  • It is featured with a cam action hook which draws the keeper tight when it is locked
  • To engage the keeper, the latch body is having anti-jimmy studs
  • The F2558 window sash lock is perfect for the windows made from wood, aluminum, and vinyl sash and frames
  • It is available in three colors

After choosing the best type of windows for your home, the next step is to secure them with the security window locks. The window safety locks are made with anti-thief technology which delays and ideally deter thieves from entering your home. Protecting your home and your family from criminal activities should be on the top of your priority list. And the “Best Window Locks” are a good option to secure your home windows and make you feel safe. If you have sliding and patio doors in your home, then you should also take a look at the Best Patio Door Lock and Best Sliding Door Lock.



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