Best Sliding Door Lock


Best Sliding Door Lock

For every person, family’s safety and security is the most important thing. And people look for the best available products to secure their home and offices to prevent accidents and protect their belongings from thieves. If you have children at home, then this kind of requirement become more important to you. There are many popular brands and a lot of safety products available in the market that help you to secure your home and offices. And the Sliding Door Safety Lock is one of them. The best way to secure a sliding glass door is to use standard sliding glass door locks. Check this list of the “Sliding Door Lock” and get free from worrying about the safety of your child by preventing them from getting out by themselves to any potential danger.

Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual-Function Best Sliding Door LockThis dual function security bar from Master Lock has a versatile design for your sliding and hinged doors. It has optimized features to keep your family safe from any potential threat. The 265DCCSEN security bar is a bestseller on AMAZON in the category of Doorstops.

Features of the 265DCCSEN Sliding Door Lock from Master Lock are:

  • It is a dual function security bar for sliding and hinged doors
  • It fits most of the standard sliding glass doors with an adjustment of 27-1/2” (70cm) to 42” (1.1m)
  • You can remove the top piece of the bar to use it as a sliding glass door lock
  • It is constructed with rugged 20-gauge steel with padded foot
  • It comes with a pivoting ball joint which makes it able to have full contact with the floor
  • It is the best way to secure a sliding glass door

Cocoweb PortBlock Dual-Function Sliding Glass Door LockThe Cocoweb dual function sliding glass door lock is a great option for securing your sliding door and hinged doors at home or office. The PortBlock door security bar is having a thick and rugged design which can handle up to 350 pounds of applied source.

Features of the Cocoweb PortBlock Door Security Bar are:

  • It decreases the chances of entering intruders into your home and gives an extra security
  • It is constructed from heavy-duty 20-gauge steel
  • It is fully adjustable with standard sliding glass doors with height from 24” to 45”
  • It is a perfect addition to your home security with a pivoting ball joint, which can re-angle the bar to any position
  • Don’t rate it with the cheap price, it provides the same ultimate protection at a competitive price

Sure Basics SB22 Sliding Door Security LockIf you have a two-three-year child who enjoys emptying your closet frequently or a pet who randomly opens sliding doors of your wardrobes or closets, then buy this amazing sliding door security lock from Sure Basics. The SB22 sliding door lock will give you a piece of mind by locking your sliding glass doors completely.

Features of the SB22 Sliding Door Security lock from Sure Basics are:

  • It is an easy to install sliding door lock which can be installed in minutes without any use of tools
  • It keeps your child or your pet out of the closet or cabinet with the strong ABS plastic lock
  • It is perfectly suitable for glass doors, wooden doors and mirror surfaces
  • It comes in a pack of two, which help you to protect your multiple sliding glass doors
  • Simple and easy operation to use, pull it with your finger to lock and lift again to unlock

Prime-Line Products E 2014 Sliding Glass Door Lock with 45-Degree KeywayThe Prime-Line Products has designed this steel constructed mortise lock to provide you an ultimate protection by locking your sliding doors. It uses W&F handles to fit in your sliding doors.

Features of the E 2014 Prime-Line Products Sliding Glass Door Lock are:

  • It is a mortise lock which can be installed into your door stile
  • It has a keyway which goes to 45 degrees at the locked position of the hook
  • It comes with a round end face plate
  • It has an adjustable hook projection to fit your sliding glass door
  • Uses W&F manufactured handles to fit doors

Prime-Line Products U 9847 Loop Lock - Best Lock for Sliding Glass DoorThis loop lock from Prime-Line Products is constructed from a hardened locking bar and a mounting plate of diecast and keeper. It includes all the required fasteners and has a chrome plating finish.

Features of the U 9847 Sliding Glass Door Lock from Prime-Line Products are:

  • To have a secondary security locking device, you can use this best lock for sliding glass door
  • It is 2-1/8 in reach
  • It has a chrome plated finish and comes with all required fasteners
  • It is a hardened steel locking bar with a construction of mounting plate of diecast and keeper
  • It is easy to install and use loop lock
  • Perfect for a sliding glass door and patio sliding door

Ultra Hardware Aluminum Sliding Glass Door LockThis is an extruded aluminum sliding glass door lock from Ultra Hardware. It can be also used for building materials, windows accessories and ladders.

Features of the Ultra Hardware 46103 Sliding Glass Door Lock are:

  • It is manufactured in China
  • It is perfect for sliding glass door, patio door, and window latch
  • Made from anodized aluminum material
  • It has wear resistant vinyl
  • It comes in a pack of 2 to protect your multiple doors
  • It can also be used for building materials, ladders and windows

The locks for sliding glass doors give you a piece of mind and protect your family by securing the sliding glass door in your home or office. The best sliding glass door lock is easy to install, affordable gives you a world class protection and can be installed at any height on the sliding door. Don’t cut corners with cheap locks for sliding glass doors, after all, it is a matter of your family’s safety. Choose the right sliding door safety lock from my list of the “Sliding Door Lock” and make sure that your door is secure. You can also get an alert anywhere in your home when somebody presses a transmitter push button at your door or garage door with the help of the Best Wireless Doorbell Kit.



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