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Best USB Wall OutletOur today’s life is more dependable on the gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics. We rely on them to remember most of our routine tasks and for communication or getting some relaxing moments. And as the constant use of such portable electronics devices is increased, there is also a high increase in demand of the USB charging ports. And using or upgrading wall receptacles with an electrical outlet with USB functionality is a good option than buying an extra charger. Check this below list of the “USB Wall Outlet” and select the right power outlet with USB for your home or office walls.

TOP GREENER TU2154A 4A Dual USB Charging Outlet The Top Greener TU2154A is a tamper resistant USB Power Outlet which can charge two devices simultaneously. It reads the power needed by your two devices and provides the optimum charging output with the two smart USB charging ports. It is the bestseller on Amazon in the Standard Electrical Outlets category.

Features of the Top Greener TU2154A USB Charging Outlet are:

  • It has a 4 Amp charging capacity and two charging ports to charge 2 devices simultaneously
  • The smart USB charging ports read the needed output for your device and provide optimum output voltage for charging them
  • It gives perfect charging output for the devices like iPhone, iPad, tablets, and other USB devices
  • It comes in a tamper resistant design and screwless wall plates which increase the electrical safety
  • For an easy installation, it is back and side wired
  • Includes a screwless wall plate and a normal wall plate
  • Available in 5 colors

BESTEK Wall-Mount USB Charging Outlet with 6 ports including 4 USB Charging Ports The brand name BESTEK has upgraded the wall mount surge protector to provide a 4 USB charging ports wall outlet. It is the bestseller on Amazon in Power Conditioners category.

Features of the BESTEK USB Power Outlet are:

  • It has 6 power outlets and 4 USB charging ports which make it able to charge 10 devices at once
  • It provides 5.2A output from the 4-port USB ports for your iPad, iPhone, tablet and other USB devices
  • It has a wall-mount design which allows you to plug it into any AC outlet
  • It comes with a built-in retractable holder, which lets you dock your smartphone and other media players
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty from BESTEK

Anker 36W 4-Port Power Outlet with USB and PowerIQ TechnologyThe America’s No.1 USB charging brand Anker has designed this 36W Power Outlet with USB. It is featured with the PowerIQ technology to provide a faster and safer charging.

Features of the Anker 36W Power Outlet with USB are:

  • It is the world’s most powerful USB charging wall outlet
  • It has a compact and uni-body design, which makes it a perfect travel companion
  • By delivering over 10 million plus wall outlets, it is the Amazon’s No.1 charging brand
  • The PowerIQ technology detects the required power output of your device and delivers the fastest charge speed
  • 36W is the category-high power output with four USB ports helps you to charge multiple USB devices simultaneously
  • It comes with 18-month warranty from the company and a friendly customer service

Globe Electric 7791301 Electrical Outlet with USB PortThis is a 6 outlet swivel surge tap from the Globe Electric. It has 2 USB charging ports and comes in a compact swivel design.

Features of the Globe Electric 7791301 Electric Outlet with USB Port are:

  • It is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other USB devices
  • It is a 6-outlet surge tap with 2 USB charging ports
  • It is a space saving surge protector which is featured with a compact swivel design
  • It can absorb a high amount of energy with a 5-star protection
  • It is featured with two indicator display lights, which allows you to see the current power status and surge protection
  • It comes with a limited equipment warranty

Leviton T5632-W USB Power OutletThe Leviton T5632-W is a tamper resistant USB power outlet which comes with two high-powered USB ports. It can charge up to two USB devices by providing up to 3.6A charging power.

Features of the Leviton T5632-W USB Power Outlet are:

  • It is claimed as the highest power device on the market by the company
  • It comes with two vertical aligned high power USB ports
  • It has the charging capacity of 3.6A
  • The smart USB charging ports recognize the needed charging output of your device and provide optimum charging accordingly
  • For an easy installation, it has back and sides wired
  • It is perfect for charging tablets, smart devices, gaming devices, digital cameras, e-readers and other USB devices

Cooper Wiring Devices TR7740W-K USB Charging OutletThe Copper Wiring Devices has designed this tamper resistant USB charging receptacle which provides the safety and convenience all in one device. It is featured with two USB charging ports and a tamper-resistant receptacle.

Features of the TR7740W-K USB Charging Outlet from Cooper Wiring Devices are:

  • It comes with dual USB ports, which charge most of the electronic devices conveniently
  • It has LED indicator lights which glow to tell the user that the device is charging, the lights automatically turn off when the device is fully charged
  • It is more energy efficient than many other plugged in adapters of 700mA
  • It has back wire clamps on the side terminals which provide an easy installation
  • It is a perfect replacement for your standard duplex receptacle
  • Available in 5 different color combinations

CyberPower CSP300WUR1 USB Charging OutletThe CyberPower has designed this super series USB charging outlet which is ideal for home or office wall mount duplex receptacles. It is a reliable power protection which safeguards the A/V systems, IT networks, and other home or office equipment.

Features of the CyberPower CSP300WUR1 USB Charging Outlet are:

  • It comes with 3 surge protected outlets which provide 600 joules of surge protection
  • It has dual USB charging ports which produce 2.1Amp output voltage
  • It is featured with the white wall tap plug
  • It is perfect for charging your smartphones, tablets, and other USB rechargeable electronic devices
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer

I have filtered down the USB wall outlets according to their durability, reliability, and amperage to offer full support for charging multiple devices at once. Using an electrical outlet with a USB port is perfect in terms of use and accessibility. You will never be at a loss of your device charger if you select any of the USB charging outlets from the above list of the “USB Wall Outlet”.



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