Best HVAC Refrigerant Leak Detector


Best HVAC Refrigerant Leak Detector

If you are an HVACR technician or/and a field-active business owner, then you should probably know the methods to find the refrigerant leaks. It is really up to you whether you want to use refrigerant dyes, soap bubbles, electronic sensors, ultrasonic detectors, a straightforward visual inspection, or using couple or more of them together for detecting the refrigerant leak. But not everyone can manage to have all the tools mentioned above and at such times, it is a bit difficult to find which tool is the best option. Though, it depends on the particular situation and the method you want to use for the leak detection, having some great idea will always help.

Let us take a look at some important advantages of using a refrigerant leak detector:

  • It helps to cut refrigerant consumption and costs
  • It helps to reduce energy consumption
  • It is important for the health and safety of people
  • It helps to cut the emissions for the environmental protection

Best Refrigerant Leak Detector

Yellow Jacket 69336 AccuProbe Refrigerant Leak DetectorThe Yellow Jacket AccuProbe allows you to detect even the most difficult refrigerants like R-404A, R-407C, R-134a, 1234yf, and R-410A. It helps to detect leaks in HCFC, HVAC, HFC, and HFO refrigerants including a SNAP approved hydrocarbon blends.

Features of the 69336 Yellow Jacket AccuProbe Refrigerant Leak Detector are:

  • It comes with UV lights, electrolyte sensor, and smart alarm indicator
  • A smart alarm LED shows the scale from one to none for the refrigerant leak
  • It uses low sensitivity when you move it over to the defined area of a refrigerant system
  • The electrolyte sensor technology helps to cut the hit and thus gives long life to the sensor
  • If you need an easy, fast and certain leak detection, then this is the best refrigerant leak detector to buy

712-202-G1 Select D-TEK Refrigerant Leak Detector by InficonThis is a reliable, cordless, highly sensitive, and reliable D-TEK refrigerant leak detector designed by Inficon. It is a next generation refrigerant leak detector which uses extremely sensitive infrared absorption sensing cells to detect a leak in refrigerants.

Features of the D-TEK Refrigerant Leak Detector from Inficon are:

  • It is sensitive for all refrigerants including R-22, R-404a, R134a, R-410a, R-507 (AZ-50) and all other CFCs, HVACs, HCFCs, and HFCs refrigerants
  • Its infrared cell has a life of 1,000 hours for a low cost of ownership
  • With the strong Infrared cell, its response remains accurate and consistent
  • When you activate manual zeroing, it helps to ignore the user-programmed refrigerant levels
  • It does not react to humidity, smoke, temperature or airflow changes

3015-8004 H-10 Bacharach Pro Refrigerant Leak DetectorsThis refrigerant leak detector from Bacharach is a high-performance and versatile leak detector which gives an enhanced sensor performance to find all types of refrigerant leaks. It locates 0.1 oz/yr or greater leaks per SAE J2791 moving probe test conditions.

Features of the Bacharach Refrigerant Leak Detector are:

  • It is a 3015-8004 H-10 Pro electronic refrigerant leak detector
  • It detects all non-flammable refrigerants like HFC, CFC, HCFC including R22, R12, R404a, R134a, R502, R507, and many others
  • It performs ultra-sensitive detection as low as 0.006 oz/yr
  • It has dual power sources, which includes an external DC powered wall adapter and a rechargeable battery
  • It has the leak size switch to control the sensitivity

SRL2(K7) Fieldpiece Advanced Refrigerant Leak DetectorThis advanced refrigerant leak detector from Fieldpiece has superior sensitivity in a rugged design to detect leaks of HVACR refrigerators. It makes your HVACR technician job faster, safer, easier and more efficient.

Features of the Fieldpiece SRL2(K7) Refrigerant Leak Detector are:

  • It triggers on all HFCs, CFCs, HFSCs, and blends
  • It has a superior and controlled sensitivity which triggers on nuisance leaks in only turbo mode
  • The infrared sensor has life of 10 years, makes it extremely durable
  • It works in contaminated environment also and can sense a small change in the refrigerant levels
  • It is designed in the USA and made in Taiwan
  • Up and running in less than 30 seconds

TIFXL-1A Robinair Refrigerant Leak DetectorThis is a new ‘generation X’ TIF refrigerant leak detector which allows you to use tomorrow’s technology today. It comes with advanced digital signal processing monitor and an innovative MPC circuitry.

Features of the TIFXL-1A Refrigerant Leak Detector from Robinair are:

  • It detects all halogenated refrigerants
  • It comes with constant power indicator and variable frequency audible alarm
  • It is UL classified and SAE J1627 CE approved
  • It has an advanced digital signal processing for the microprocessor controlled circuit
  • A completely re-designed sensing tip helps to increase the sensitivity and improving reliability

705-202-G1 Inficon TEK-Mate Refrigerant Leak DetectorThis is an ideal refrigerant leak detector from Inficon for the users who need a budget-friendly and reliable leak detector for refrigerants. As the company claims, the TEK-Mate refrigerant leak detector is the no.1 selling product in the HVACR market.

Features of the 705-202-G1 TEK-Mate Refrigerant Leak Detector from Inficon are:

  • It detects all HCFCs, CFCs, and HFCs refrigerants
  • It runs on 2 D-cell batteries
  • It comes with a low battery indicator, sensor, 2 D batteries, filters and carrying case
  • It has a power on one switch and a high/low sensitivity selector
  • The variable intensity audible signal and the signal flashing LED help to find the leak fast

Best refrigerant leak detector Comparison Table

Price Sensitivity
Yellow Jacket 69336 $419.90 low(9 levels)
Inficon D-TEK 712-202-G1 $250.00 0.10 oz/year
Bacharach 3015-8004 $504.00 0.006 oz/yr
Fieldpiece SRL2(K7) $343.20 <0.1 oz/yr
Robinair TIFXL-1A $122.16 <0.4 oz./yr

The main purpose to use refrigerant leak detectors is to pinpoint specific leaks as well as to check areas and rooms. You can choose a best refrigerant leak detector by knowing its sensitivity, detection limit, and the selectivity of the refrigerants. By keeping these important prospects in mind, the above list of the “HVAC Refrigerant Leak Detector” is created, which contains the refrigerant leak detector reviews. I hope it will end your search for finding the best leak detector for refrigerant according to your budget and needs.



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