How to Install an Outdoor Outlet in Brick Wall – Step by Step Guide


Whether you are planning for a new year’s party or lighting up your garden, you need to have had an outlet for your home exterior. Installing outdoor outlets can be a great choice as you don’t need it frequently and also it’s a relatively easy process. Also, it’s recommended to install a weatherproof outlet to minimize the dilemma of electric shock. Also, the USB outdoor receptacle is useful at hotels, airports, metro stations and other public places where people can directly charge their smart devices using cables without adapters.

How to Install an Outdoor Outlet in Brick WallToday in this guide I’ll guide you on how to install an outdoor outlet in the brick wall.

Shall we start?

I’ll first discuss the tools required for this process and also the cost incurred for the same:

Cost: $20 – $100

Time: It will usually take one day for you to complete it.

Tools Required:

  • Receptacle wall box
  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Electrical circuit tester
  • Electrical Tape
  • Hammer
  • Pigtail Wires
  • GFCI Outlet
  • Impact drill with carbide bits
  • Cable Clamp

Once you have all tools, let’s get started.

Follow this step-by-step instruction guide, and you’ll be good to go:

How to Install an Outdoor Outlet in Brick Wall?

Step 1-  Decide the Outlet Location

locationFind a location where the new USB receptacle outlet will be the best fit also check for an easy connection with any of your interior outlets.

Step 2- Turn off the Power

Turn off the PowerNext step is to turn off the circuit breaker of the outlet. Also, make sure to check it with a voltage tester.

Step 3- Disconnect the outlet

Remove-the-outlets-cover-plate-before-paint-the-wallWhen sure that the power is off, remove the cover plate from the interior outlet. Remove the screws and pull it out of the box. Loosen the screws holding the outlet and slowly with precautions move it outside.

Step 4- Remove the Box Outlet

remove outlet boxAfter losing the screws, you need to remove the box from the wall. If your electrical box is metal just use the screwdriver and hammer to remove it. But, if you have a plastic box, you need to then insert the cable into the outdoor box.

Step 5- Drill a Hole

Drill a HoleDrill a ¾ inch hole through the exterior wall. Use Impact drill with carbide bits to make a hole in the wall.

Step 6- Install Wiring and Make the Indoor Connections

Cut a cable which you think would reach easily through the back of the indoor box.

Install Wiring and Make the Indoor ConnectionsThe cable should be long enough to pass both through the indoor and the outdoor boxes. Next, install a cable clamp in the back of the box and pass the cable through the indoor box to let it reach outwards.

Step 7- Install the Outdoor Outlet Box

Install the Outdoor Outlet BoxAttach the mounting lugs through the back of the metal electrical box. Next, mark the locations of the holes with a pencil. Now, drill holes in the marked place. Once done, attach the outdoor receptacle box with the screws.

Step 8- Install the Outdoor Outlet and Connect

Install the Outdoor Outlet and ConnectConnect both the terminals with GFCI Outlets. Attach the circuit wires through screw terminals. Connect the black circuit wire to the brass colored screws. White circuit wire to the silvered colored screw and copper circuit wire to the green screw.

Step 9- Power On and Test the Outlet

Ultimately, turn the power on both the outlets to check it works or not. For the GFCI outlet check the test and reset button to make sure it’s working. If both the outlets are working correctly, then you have made it through.

Wrap up

I hope the step-by-step guide to installing outdoor receptacle outlet was helpful to you. Let me know in the comments section below did you liked it or not? I’d love to hear from you.

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