Fieldpiece SRL8 Refrigerant Leak Detector Reviews of 2018


Fieldpiece is a well-known brand in the HVAC field. It manufactures a number of useful and top-class products that are easily usable for the regular users too. Today, I will provide a review on one of the most sought Fieldpiece designs, i.e., SRL8 refrigerant leak detector. Read this article describing the features, specifications, pros, cons, and the genuine buyer’s reviews to decide whether it will be a good device for you or not.

Fieldpiece SRL8 Refrigerant Leak Detector ReviewsFieldpiece SRL8 Review

The SRL8 Fieldpiece refrigerant leak detector is a top-class diode sensor. It can quickly detect HCFC, HFC, CFC types of refrigerant leaks. No any other tool is more responsive to the leaks like the SRL8. Not only the professionals, but the beginners in the HVACR field also find this product more helpful, easy-to-use, safe, and cost-cutting.

From the traditional refrigerant leak detecting techniques like halide torches and bubble (soap) solutions, the heated diode sensor technology used in SRL8 will provide accurate results in almost all cases. It helps to detect the exact location of the leakage with more accuracy than the traditional methods.

Check some of the specifications and features of the SRL8 Fieldpiece Leak Detector below:

  1. It comes with a replaceable and rechargeable battery which can run up to 15 hours continuously after a full charge
  2. It complies with the latest SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standards by having three levels of sensitivity from 6.6oz/yr to <0.1oz/yr
  3. Ready to use in just 30 seconds after start which allows performing prompt operation
  4. Inbuilt LED display which shows you the amount of the battery left in the machine so you can charge it accordingly
  5. While in use, it sets to zero automatically after every two seconds. Although, you can manually set it to zero after the leak has been detected to point out other leaks

The small and ergonomic design of this impressive leak detector makes it fit comfortably in your hands. The rugged construction makes it extremely durable compared to other products in the same category.  

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of the SRL8 leak detector.


  • LED & Audio alarm to help you detect links in dark as well as noisy environment
  • Capability to work while in vehicle or wall charging
  • Sturdy design of the probe helps you to make it steady where you want
  • You can turn the sound off to work silently
  • Faster working than the UV Dye
  • If you maintain it correctly, you can extend its life for more years than the shown five years
  • The flexible & non-conductive probe smoothly goes to the areas which are hard-to-rich
  • Quickly power up, and running capability allows you to finish multiple tasks in less time


  • In my tests, it did not provide satisfactory results while detecting R22 refrigerant leaks
  • It is designed in the United States but made in Taiwan. Though I do not doubt its quality, some users may not prefer to buy it as it is made outside the US
  • You may not be assured by the original manufacturer for the warranty of the product if you buy from the third party site

I do not like to advise you for having a second leak detector for a backup. But if you are detecting a refrigerant leak like R22 or H10, then it can be good to have the other machine with you, especially while at the job.  

Fieldpiece SRL8 Refrigerant Leak Detector Reviews of Users

While you are buying any product, especially online, you want to check what the other buyers have experience about it. And so you scroll to check the user reviews. Many websites sell the Fieldpiece SRL8 device with free shipping. But here, I will show you some of the most helpful reviews from the Amazon. It is a most trusted and widely used online shopping website in many countries and regions.

One of the Amazon users says that “it worked best on R-134A and R-114. Also, it is a 5/5 product for its performance & build quality.”

A user found it perfect for the HVAC machine leak detection.

Nytefog who is an Amazon user experienced the best working of this product on R410a leaks.

A few other Amazon customers also found the SRL8 as a great working heated diode machine for the refrigerant leak detection.

As almost 90% of the users gave it 5 stars ratings, some buyers had bad experiences with SRL8 too.

Amazon users Van and Jorge do not recommend buying this product and thinking it as a waste of money.

A few other users wrote that the sensor failed to detect the R22, H10 types of refrigerants which I already mentioned in the cons of SRL8.

Should you buy SRL8 Fieldpiece leak detector?

There is no doubt that the SRL8 diode sensor makes the HVACR technician’s job a lot easy, quick, safe, and productive. The sturdy and owner friendly design helps the user to use it conveniently at the job or home. Every coin has two sides, and so there are a couple of things which Fieldpiece needs to sort out for making SRL8 the best refrigerant leak detector in the market.

But, for a professional who has multiple tools in his tool bag to avoid any adverse situation and for the home user who rarely needs a leak detector for the HVAC machine at home, the SRL8 heated diode sensor is the recommended device to have.

Let me know whether you will be buying this machine or not. And after you use it, share the experience you had with the SRL8 leak detector. Hit the comment section below.

Good Luck!



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