Insulated Vs Uninsulated Garage Door – Pros and Cons


How often did you think to change your garage door? I think many times. Dude, you’re not alone. Many people (including me) consider replacing the garage door when it comes to updating the home. Believe it or not, but it is one of the important decisions that you should make as a homeowner. There may be occasions where you get confused between the insulated and uninsulated garage doors for your parking lot or workshop. To help you in this, I have listed the advantages and disadvantages of both and made a comparison of insulated Vs uninsulated garage door. Check the article below and make your choice wisely.

Insulated Vs Uninsulated Garage Door - Pros and Cons

Insulated Vs Uninsulated Garage Door

We will take a look at the design, price, pros, and cons of both the insulated and uninsulated garage doors.


As you may know, an uninsulated garage door has a single layer construction, while the insulated one has a double or triple layer design. The material used in both types of doors is either wooden, vinyl, or glass, but an insulated door has an insulation of either polyurethane or polystyrene sheet. You can use the best ways for insulating the garage door as a DIY and can cut the price of hiring the professional for it.


As the insulated garage doors are more durable, sturdy, and attractive than the uninsulated doors, they are costly than the letter ones. Generally, the former type of garage door can be purchased by paying nearly about $600 to $700, while the letter form is available for about $400 to $500 in the market.

Pros of Insulated Garage Door

  1. It saves energy

We all know that using better heating systems, power efficient tools like lights, vacuum cleaners, fans, doors, windows, etc. household equipment, insulation; all these can help in a great way to cut the energy bills. This applies to your garage too. If you have a garage below a room of your house, or your garage and room share the common wall, then it becomes more important to insulate your garage.  

2. It cuts the noise

An insulated door surely becomes quieter than the typical door. Though the door insulation has not the priority purpose to do this, yet it effectively cuts the outside noise.

3. It creates convenient workspace

If you are a hobbyist or tinkerer who does a lot of stuff in the garage rather than parking the car only, then a comfortable and warm space gives you a relaxing environment. Especially if you are living in a cold climate, then adding warmness by heating or insulating your garage is more important. If you have a garage area from where you can enter or leave the house, then it becomes convenient if you have made proper insulation in it.

4. It protects your car and other stored things, seriously

You may know that freezing conditions outside can also make effects on your car parked in the garage. The battery, transmission, engine, brakes, spark plugs, wiring, etc. can get affected by the cold weather even if the doors of your parking lot are closed. Insulating the garage door can help to increase the life of your car parts by creating a warm environment inside.

5. Insulation makes the garage door more durable

As the insulated garage doors have a different construction than the regular garage doors, they become stronger and durable for standing up to your equipment, car, and other belongings.

Cons of insulated garage doors

  • They are costly than the uninsulated garage doors
  • If you are living in warm climate conditions, then using the insulated doors don’t make a huge difference

Pros of uninsulated garage doors

  • They are less expensive than the insulated garage doors
  • If you are using your garage for parking the cars only, then the uninsulated garage doors are recommended

Cons of uninsulated garage doors

  • They are less durable than the insulated garage doors
  • Uninsulated garage doors cannot reduce the noise level as the insulated ones’ do
  • If you are living in hot weather condition, then the uninsulated garage door can increase the temperature of inside and in cold conditions, it cannot create warmness in the parking area.

What should you get?

By comparing both the insulated and uninsulated garage doors, I can advise you to purchase the insulated garage doors, doesn’t matter in which weather condition you live. Though they are costly, their features and capability can save you a lot than their price if you will use them for a longer time. If you want to cut the price even more, you can purchase the uninsulated doors for your garage and then can get the best garage door insulation kit to insulate your garage on your own. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.



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