How to Insulate a Garage Door – Best Ways


Many people spend maximum time in the garage in doing the work, so it is requisite to insulate garage door to provide protection. The garage door will serve as the obstruction against noise, humidity infiltration and will support in increasing the thermal ease of the garage.

how to insulate garage door

Your garage can get warmer in winters and cooler in summers by insulating a garage door. You can cover a garage by insulating door yourself with the help of few tools and some basic provisions from a hardware store. Now the question is how to insulate a garage door yourself? To answer this question, I will make you aware of the following steps so that you can insulate garage doors without any professional help.

Step-1: Collect materials- Take four sheets of foil-faced foam board, dagger to cut the board, a tape for measuring.

Step-2: Measure – Measure the size of the door panels that are the rectangular parts of the garage doors. Measure from the inside face as you will insulate on the inside of the garage door. To evaluate the dimensions of each panel you can use a tape measure. In this manner, you will get an idea about how much insulation to buy.

Step-3: Get correct insulation type- You can go for two types of insulation that you can very well use with garage doors. One is foil insulation, and the other is polystyrene foam.

a)  Foil Insulation – It is flexible that has the sheet of polyethylene foam that is fit in     between the reflective aluminum foil.

b)  Polystyrene foam– It is rigid and sold in large sheets. You will find polystyrene better for insulation than foil insulation. But due to its rigidity, you will find it challenging to work with.

Step-4: Cut the insulation- On a sheet of the insulation, measure the sizes of a single garage door panel employing a straightedge. You can make a use of the pen to mark the dimensions. Now by using the knife, cut the insulation to size by taking the guidance of straightedge.

Step-5: Fix the pieces- Fit the panel of insulation against the door panel. You can directly align the piece of insulation with the panel, or you can tuck the insulation if your garage door possesses metal frame.

Step-6: Fasten the insulation- Tape the piece of insulation with the help of aluminum foil tape. You can also use double sided tape to attach the panel to long strips.

Get help of Garage Door Insulation Kit

You can get help of the garage door insulation kit to If you buy equipment, then check that panels in the kit are not smaller in the size as compare to panels of your garage door. You can get panel kits at any hardware shop where the insulations will be cut into panels. It includes rolls or boards which you can cut to size of your garage panel. To hold the insulation in place, it carries tape. You can also get the knife in high end garage door insulation kits. All the tools in the kit will turn your task quicker and easier.

Match the Insulation

Choose the insulation that matches to your garage door. Make sure it should be apposite for your typical weather and easy to install to make your work simple and faster. If your garage door is of steel, then it can choose any insulation. On the other hand, if you possess wood frame panel doors, then between the door frames, cut and fit the rigid insulation into the recesses. While garage doors without panels are comfortable with foam board.

Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

You will find insulated garage doors compared to uninsulated garage doors worthy as they have potential to make your life smoother. They can provide you warm, cooler, relaxed and unobtrusive atmosphere. You will enjoy lower energy bill. Between you and street noise it acts as the obstacle. Check the comparison of insulated Vs uninsulated garage door to know how insulation can help you cut the cost and get comfortable environment in all weather conditions. 

There are the number of ways the people make use of garage door. Some use it as the storage while some prefer it to be living space. Whatever may be the reason but if you spend time in it then insulating the garage door is meaningful as it makes your stay comfortable.



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