How to Cut Corrugated Metal – Ultimate Guidelines for Smooth Cutting


Whenever we have confusions regarding what should be used to make tool sheds or garden sheds, our search ends when we come to the corrugated sheet metal. It is inexpensive, durable, and weather resistant. Also, it is easy to install, and anyone who is comfortable with power tools like a reciprocating saw or jigsaw can cut and fix it all by himself.

To Cut Corrugated MetalCutting corrugated metal is not a difficult task, but just a bit tricky because of the wavy shape of metal sheets. Even if you are a beginner or newbie in the field, then also you don’t need to worry as in this article, you will find the easiest way to cut corrugated metal. Let’s know more about this ‘do-it-yourself’ fun activity.

How to Cut Corrugated Sheet Metal?

As you know; such sheets are wavy. So, first of all, arrange the layers in such a manner that you can cut them symmetrically. This task is not at all time consuming if you know some smart techniques. After arranging the sheet metal, it’s time to choose the best metal blade. With the help of metal blades, you can cut the sheets in half and also cut a pitch on them. After these necessary arrangements, follow these simple steps and know the best way to cut corrugated metal.

Step 1: Safety Comes First

As the name suggests, safety should be your priority. Cutting corrugated metal is an easy task, but it may harm your eyes and ears. Your eyes may catch some of the small fragments or small silver particles, and also, it throws an irritating sound. So never ever take a risk and wear fully covered eye protection gears as well as ear protection buds as it doesn’t burn the metal; it cuts the metal. It is not like an abrasive where you are going to be melting the paint and heating the metal. So always take extra care.

Step 2: Setting up the work

Check your sheets. If you have thin metal sheets, then you can cut at least 2 to 3 metal sheets at one go. You can add more if you are comfortable enough to cut more metal together. As per my research and some of the reviews on Amazon, there are many types of metal cutters, and blades are available in the market. You should not compromise on the cutter blade as it makes the whole process easy and quick.

Step 3: Take Measurements

To know how to cut corrugated metal roofing, measurements play an important role. Once you are okay with the arrangements of sheet metal, take proper measures according to your project purpose before starting the cutting process. Use carpenter’s tape for better results. Also, don’t forget to draw a line or mark your cuts. Lines can help you to cut straight. You can use pens, caulks, or markers for the drawing purpose.

Step 4: Prepare the Metal

The metal sheets may contain some loopholes which can become quite disturbing while cutting corrugated metal. Clean the sheets and organize them equally on each other so that you don’t end up with the rough cuts. Sometimes we do cut on the marked lines, but the other sheets are not symmetrical, and we end up with the wrong cut. That may lead us to the wastage of sheet metal.

Step 5: Grinder check

As I have mentioned earlier, there are plenty of the grinders, cutters, and blades available to cut such type of metal instruments. Use the best one for the precise and quick result. Check the module and assure that it is sharp enough to cut the sheet metal. If you want to cut more than two sheets at a time, then mount the 6-inch cutting wheel to the clutch grinder.

Warning: It is vital to ensure that the wheel has been mounted correctly. When you start the machine, and the grinder is not fit, it could cut loose and fly around, and as you can imagine, it is hazardous.

Step 6: Get, Set, Po!

Now as you are all set to cut the corrugated sheet metal, turn on the grinder switch and gradually apply pressure on the spinning wheel matching the line marking. Do not try to push the cutting wheel harder as it may give the adverse effects of unwanted cutting or bouncing back. Use the bigger cutting wheel to cut through the corrugated sheet metal as it works fast.

Step 7: Removing Burrs

After completing the cutting part, tilt down the grinder wheel and remove the burrs from the edges of metal. This small task can make your corrugated metal sheet ready to use for any installation.

So now, I hope you all are now convinced that cutting corrugated metal is an easy task. Also, it is not at all time consuming if you know the proper techniques and having the best power tools. Good blades can cut corrugated metal roofing like butter. Keep trying new stuff, keep learning, and always be up-to-date.



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