Best Furnace Air Filters Reviews & Ratings of 2018


The main work of the air filters is to remove harmful bacteria present in the air. The dust particles are captured by the quality filter that keeps my home healthy place to live in. The clean air filters enhance the HVAC efficiency. Most of the people are in the habit of not giving so much attention to the furnace as long as it keeps them warm in winter and cool in the summer. But I believe that to enjoy the finest performance and to avoid malfunctioning of the filter, you should go for regular services of your filter. The best quality filter will offer you sound services at affordable rates. I would like to share some of the furnace air filters of 2018 with you all. Kindly have a look.

Best Furnace Air Filters Reviews

Best Furnace Air Filters Reviews & Ratings of 2018

Filtrete Clean Living Basic Dust FilterFiltrete Dust Filter is the best furnace filter available on Amazon. It has high efficiency and protects your home from pollutants and allergen present in the air.

  • It lasts up to three months and manufactured by 3M.
  • Large airborne allergens like pollens and household dust are attracted and captured by electrostatically charged fibers.
  • It is perfect for the heating and cooling systems with high-velocity.
  • It features 316 MPR performance rating and it is meant for residential use only.

Filtrete Micro Allergen Defense FilterFiltrete Micro is the furnace filter for allergies. The whole house air cleaner is done by turning the central heating and cooling system. You can change your filter every 90 days. Relatively it is cheap furnace filter.

  • One thousand is the microparticle performance rating and it lasts up to three months.
  • It traps unwanted air particles while allowing clean air flow.
  • The Filtrete brand 3-in-1 technology is designed from 3M to pull in.
  • It features outperforms fiberglass, washable and non-electrostatic pleated 1’’filters.
  • The airborne allergens such as household dust, pollen, smog, debris are reduced by it.

Nordic Pure 16x20x1M12-6 MERVNordic Pure is one of the best air furnace filters. It is made in the USA and the size of the filter is 15 ½ x 19 ½ x ¾.

  • For residential or commercial property, it is the superior air filter.
  • It features hypoallergenic and antimicrobial pleated electrostatic filter material.
  • It is best suited for the residential or commercial property.
  • The MERV 12 air filter will make your environment healthy.
  • It has the high efficiency that keeps air conditioning and heating system efficient.

E-Z Flow Air FilterE-Z Flow air filter is one of the best air filters that maintains efficiency for up to 30 days and is well-suited with HVAC systems.

  • It features the filter size 16”x25”x1”.The corner separation is guarded by the continuous chipboard design.
  • The filter strength is added by the one-sided metal media retainer.
  • The household dust, pollens, and lint are removed by MERV 4 rating.
  • The protection of furnace and central air units is done by the pack of 12 disposable UL Class II rated air filters.

Filtrete Healthy Living Ultra AllergenFiltrete Ultra Allergen Reduction Filter is charged electrostatically to capture microscopic airborne particles.

  • It features electrostatic air filter with microparticle performance rating 1500.
  • All the microscopic particles like smoke, bacteria, debris and viruses are easily captured by it.
  • The large particles like dust and pollen are also captured by it.
  • It is 3 times better in capturing small particles and lasts up to 3 months.
  • It removes airborne dust, bacteria, and allergens that help in promoting a healthy home.

FilterBuy AFB Silver MERVFilter Buy Pleated is one of the best air conditioner filters. It has AFB Silver that works as an advanced filter. The filtration of dust mites and other allergens are easily done by it.

  • It features 20x20x1 Air Filter for AC HVAC furnace and AFB Silver MERV 8.
  • The MERV rating of 8 is designed 3 times the average fiberglass filter.
  • Mold spores, lint, and dust mite debris are removed by it.
  • Directly the filters ship from the manufacturer to the doorstep.
  • At the reasonable price, a premium product is offered by AFB.
  • For basic home and residential use, I will recommend the AFB Silver MERV 8 furnace air filter.

Honeywell FC100A1037Honeywell Air Cleaning Filter comes in many different sizes to fit Honeywell. It has competitive brand media air cleaner that has replacement filter facility.

  • It is imported and polypropylene. It is used with Honeywell  20×25, 25×20, 25×22  F100 and F200 Media Air cleaners.
  • The fractional efficiency is E1=25%, E2=62% and  E3=85%.
  • It is meant for use with L96-397. The large levels of MERV are supplied by it that eliminate airborne particles.

Buying of a best filter for your furnace depends on your budget, what you want to filter and how thorough you are about changing the filter. You should get the better understanding of the filter by thoroughly going through the product descriptions. Buy only that product which suits your requirements properly. All the improvement tools mentioned in the above list of the “Furnace Air Filters Reviews & Ratings of 2018” will surely help you choose the right option according to your budget and needs.



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