Best Wrestling Headgear Reviews of 2018-2019


Best Wrestling Headgear Reviews of 2016For many a professional wrestler, headgear is a crucial accessory to protect his/her ears. Also called as ear guards, they protect the wearer from injuries to the ear and remove the risk of developing cauliflower ears. If you are someone who regularly participates in school or college level tournaments and professional matches, here is a list of the best wrestling headgears that you must verify before you make your decision.

Best Wrestling Headgear

Cliff Keen E58 HeadgearThe best wrestling headgear from Cliff Keen is a signature 4-strap foam based headgear and is designed on the lines of the patented E41 design by Cliff Keen. The VNF foam used in this headgear gives a very comfortable fit for those who do not prefer plastic hard shell headgears. Additionally, the rubber wrestling headgear straps guarantee a snug fit. Although it needs to be resized to the wearer’s specifications and has to be worn and adjusted patiently, this headgear is secure and extremely lightweight.

The features of Cliff Keen E58 Headgear are:

  • Four strap foam based headgear
  • Comes with an SP94 chin strap
  • Can be fully adjusted for a perfect fit and comes in many colors
  • Strong snap that stays in place, unlike the Velcro versions
  • Easy to wash material

Cliff Keen F3 Twister Wrestling Head GearCliff Keen Twister is the best wrestling headgear that comes with two straps and plastic ear cups. This headgear for wrestling is a one-size-fits-all model as does not need you to struggle too hard to get the right fit. The plastic ear cups with inner foam protection make your ears feel comfortable. The nylon wrestling headgear straps are easily adjustable and provide a perfect fit due to the Velcro. In addition to this, the soft chin strap pad makes it more comfortable.

The features of Cliff Keen F3 Twister Wrestling Headgear are:

  • Nylon and Velcro straps that provide a snug fit. No slippage
  • Offers comfort and security even in tough conditions
  • Easy to clean as the straps do not absorb sweat.
  • Plastic cups ensure unobstructed hearing
  • Comes in 18 color combinations

Matman Ultra Soft Wrestling Headgear - ADULTMatman Ultra Soft Wrestling Headgear is the best wrestling headgear for those who prefer the hardness of a plastic headgear and the comfort of a foam based headgear. These wrestling ear guards have large ear cups that are completely covered by a soft fabric on the inside and the outside and aren’t too hard on your partners as well. The stretchable neoprene like material on the head strap and the Velcro chin strap give you a comfortable fit.

The features of Matman Ultra soft wrestling headgear are:

  • Easy to adjust and comfortable
  • Stretchable head straps with Velcro chin straps.
  • Offers good protection and comes in different colors
  • Single size for all

Cliff Keen F5 Tornado HeadgearCliff Keen F5 Tornado Headgear is the best wrestling headgear designed on the basis of NASA research. This youth wrestling headgear combines the comfort of the foam head guards with the resilience of a plastic head guard. The chin strap that is cushioned with foam offers huge relief and also gives the headgear a proper fit.

The features of Cliff Keen F5 Tornado Headgear are:

  • 43% lighter and much cooler compared to standard headgear
  • Does not obstruct hearing
  • Power tab strapping system with Velcro for an easier and faster fit
  • Durable plastic coated foam padding around the ears

ASICS Conquest Ear GuardThis ASICS Conquest ear guard with injection-molded LDPE shell and EVA ear pad is the best wrestling headgear that never lets the wearer feel the weight of the headgear. These tough wrestling ear guards can protect you from developing the cauliflower ear guard condition. Because of the Velcro straps, they are easy to strap on and adjust. The material of the headgear makes it easy to clean. If the straps have worn out due to continuous usage, then you can always replace them to make your headgear feel brand new again.

The features of ASICS Conquest ear guard are:

  • Injection molded LDPE shell and EVA ear pad
  • Efficient straps that stay in place
  • Lightweight and easy to adjust low profile headgear

Adidas Response Wrestling Ear GuardAdidas Wrestling Response is the best wrestling headgear from Adidas that provides the best protection during a match. This perfect youth wrestling headgear from Adidas comes with five adjustable straps that give you a custom fit. The chin cup and strap are removable and let you breathe much better in comparison to the standard headgear that has rubber straps at the throat. The plastic outer shell is padded on the inside with EVA shock absorbing foam and offers protection to the wearer.

The features of Adidas Wrestling Response ear guard are:

  • Adjustable 5 strap design with chin cup and strap
  • Plastic shells offer ventilation and unobstructed hearing
  • Low profile design that is lightweight and does not cause a hindrance during the match.
  • Comes in a wide range of colors

Cliff Keen Youth Tornado Wrestling HeadgearThis youth wrestling headgear from Cliff Keen is perfect for kids who are into wrestling. The Cliff Keen Tornado Wrestling Headgear comes with plastic ear cups that are padded and offer great comfort. Coming from the house of Cliff Keen, one of the best wrestling headgear manufacturers, this headgear with five straps is easily adjustable and stays in place. This ensures that you do not have to worry about it coming off during a match. These wrestling ear guards offer great protection for your ears and also do not obstruct your hearing.

The features of Cliff Keen Youth Tornado Wrestling Headgear are:

  • Plastic ear cups with comfort padding
  • Easy to adjust Velcro straps
  • Lightweight and snug fit

We hope that this comprehensive list of headgears helps you find the best wrestling headgear for sports and Outdoors according to your requirements. Each of the headgears listed here has its own set of pros and cons. Choose a headgear that complements your wrestling style and offers you the perfect experience during a match.

Best Wrestling Headgears Comparison:

Price ($) Feature
Cliff Keen E58 29.49 4 Strap System
Matman Ultra Soft  26.95 Ear Guard for All
ASICS Conquest  29.99 EVA Ear Pads
Adidas Response 34.9 Chin Cup and Spacer Strap


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