Best Skateboard Bearings Reviews of 2020


Every skateboard owner and enthusiastic longboarder know the importance of the bearings for their skateboards and longboards for precision, flexibility, and speed. If you have done enough research for maneuvers, then most probably you have an idea about the look and performance type of best skateboard bearings. Yes, it is right that every part of your skateboard is essential, but the bearings are the game changer in it. Check these “Skateboard Bearings Reviews of 2018” and roll your board properly.

Best Skateboard Bearings

Bones Red Bearings – Best Skateboard BearingsSince few years, the Bones red bearings are the top selling skateboard bearings in the US. It comes as pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant and featured with a rubber shield.

Features of the Bones Red Bearings are:

  • It comes with a non-contact, removable, single rubber shield for less friction and easy cleaning
  • The inner track of this fastest longboard bearings is made of high strength nylon which provides an excellent power with speed
  • It is a high-speed and bestselling skateboard bearing in the USA which comes in a set of 8
  • It comes with a warranty of free replacement and damage to the bearings

SupaFly Alpha Aggressive Skateboard Bearing – The Best LongBoard BearingThe Chinese SupaFly skateboard bearings are dedicated to producing high-quality skating. These best longboard bearings are the perfect combination of durability, performance, and affordable price.

Features of SupaFly Alpha Aggressive Skateboard Bearings are:

  • It has a single, removable, and non-contact rubber shield for providing easy cleaning and less friction
  • It comes as pre-lubricated with an industrial grade lubricant
  • The super-fine metal finish at high temperature provides durability and higher performance
  • It is a set of high-grade ABEC 9 longboard bearings
  • Rust and corrosion free

Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skateboard BearingsThe Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings have the best reputation in the skateboard industry due to its high performance and quality. If you want fastest skateboard bearings in the world, then you should go for the Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings.

Features of Bones Fastest Skateboard Bearings are:

  • It comes with a high-speed nylon ball retainer to offer great speed and strength
  • It is pre-lubricated with speed racing lubricant cream
  • The non-contact, removable, single rubber shield provides less friction and easy cleaning
  • The amazing longboard bearings keep your ride fast, smooth, and sustained

zealous-longboard-and-skateboard-bearingsThe Zealous longboard bearings will make your friends jealous when you bit them down the hill. It comes with a top quality rubber inner and outer seals which keep debris, dust, and Thane out of your bearings.

Features of Zealous Longboard and Skateboard Bearings are:

  • At first, you may feel tight with them, but after a couple of hour run, they will let you roll better than any other bearings
  • Perfect for crushing, downhill, freeriding, or dancing
  • It is pre-lubricated with Archoil nanoceramic grease
  • It has precision axle holes of 8mm
  • It eliminated friction over time and also reduces corrosion

Bones Reds Ceramic Skateboard BearingsThe ceramic balls are stronger and lighter than steel and as a result, they are easier to clean and more durable. The Bones Ceramic Skateboard Bearings featured with high-quality nylon and rubber shield.

Features of Bones Reds Ceramic Skateboard Bearings are:

  • The ceramic balls are lighter, stronger, waterproof, and durable than the finest steel balls
  • It is pre-lubricated with speed racing lubricant cream
  • The single rubber shield is non-contact and removable for providing greater strength and speed
  • The waterproof and durable design are perfect for any longboarder looking for good skateboard bearing

Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings for Skateboards, Longboards, and RollerbladesIf you have to sacrifice performance, durability, and speed for less expensive bearings, then you should go for the Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings. They are durable, high performer and yet durable.

Features of Yellow Jacket Premium Best Bearings for Longboard are:

  • It is specifically built for skateboards, longboards, rollerblades, inline skates, and electric skateboards,
  • Designed for racing and durability at affordable prices
  • It comes as pre-lubricated with high-speed lubricant inside bearing and wheels
  • The cool engraved yellow seal protects from dirt, dust, rocks, and provides bright colours

Generic ABEC 9 Bearings for Skateboard Deck and LongboardThese high-quality skate bearings work with all types of skateboards and longboards. The Generic skateboard bearings are ABEC 9 approved and come in a set of 8 bearings.

Features of Generic Good Skateboard Bearings are:

  • They have plastic steel shields to provide better durability
  • They are pre-lubricated with super speed lubricant
  • The high-quality oil in bearings and wheels provide top performance and speed
  • It is rated for tolerances, clearances, materials, and lubricant
  • ‘ABEC’ 9 approved

There are a lot of brands claiming to make ‘Swiss’ bearing, which is the most valued skateboard bearings. But not all of them provide the original products, and so you should be picky about getting the top performer skateboard and longboard bearings. The skateboarding is just bigger than ever now, and so you need to have the right tools in your bag. And for this need, the above “Skateboard Bearings Reviews of 2018” will surely help you.



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