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Working in a colder environment can be gruesome if you are not wearing proper attire. A good electric heated jacket is one of the most important accessories a person needs to have to pass a cold day comfortably. To help you in choosing the best heated jacket, we have accumulated some of the top rated heated jacket liners as per their features, performance, style, comfort, and durability.

best heated jacket reviews

Best Heated Jacket

Bosch PSJ120M-102 Men's Soft Shell JacketThe PSJ120 12-Volt Max electric heated jacket is specially designed for colder and high rain areas. The jacket has five pockets to store large documents, max battery to charge or power USB-compatible personal electronics and two hand pocket to store things quick and easy.

Bosch PSJ120M-102 Men’s Jacket comes with these following features:

  • Made of 100% Polyester for rain and wind resistance
  • Has two chest heat warming zones and one in the back to make you warm within seconds
  • Can control the temperature on tree levels showed with color High (Red), Medium (Green) and Low (Blue)
  • Works for 6 hours and maximum run with the help of Bosch 12-Volt Max batteries on low setting
  • Easy USB charging option for most of the personal electronics
  • Get maximum comfort for a longer duration with adjustable sleeves and waist

If you check the Bosch heated jacket review, you will find that this heated jacket liner is waterproof and wind resistant, powered by the Bosch 12-Volt battery power system and comes with an inbuilt heating system with the setting of high, medium and low so you can adjust the warmth as per the weather.

ORORO Men's Heated JacketGet a heated winter jacket which is lightweight yet breathable. ORORO heated vest gives you a thermal wearing option that keeps your warm all day with a concealed working battery powering the heating system.

ORORO Men’s Heated Jacket comes with these following features:

  • The formation of outer 6000mm/H2O Waterproof Index, the inner polar fleece of 5000g/M²/24h Breathable Index, water, and wind resistant
  • The jacket has 7.4 V, 4400mAh Battery & Charger which is rechargeable and portable with 8 hours of working capacity
  • Core warming zones on the left chest area, right chest and, and mid-back with carbon fiber heating technology
  • The heating system can be controlled by four different levels of temperature setting preheat, small, medium, and high
  • Easy to care and washing machine friendly
  • Perfect heated motorcycle jacket for outdoor motorcycling, hiking or hunting

Get the power to warm your jacket on four different heat levels with touch sensor button on the front and back. Charge your phone and other USB powered device with the ORORO Power bank. Wish to switch the look of the electric heated jacket; then ORORO offers a detachable hood in your coat.

DEWALT DCHJ061C1-L 20V/12V Black Hooded Heated JacketThe DEWALT DCHJ061C1-L is a battery powered heated jacket designed to give you warmth in the cold environment, especially for men who work outside on cold, wet region. This heated jacket liner offers 7.5 hours with a small 20Volt battery. The heating in jacket comes with three distinct heating zones in left and right side of the chest and mid back all controlled by the three different temperature settings.

DEWALT Black Hooded Heated Jacket comes with these following features:

  • There are three heating zones within the jacket to give warmth in cold conditions
  • LED Controller with three temperature settings and a unique pre-heat function
  • Have three pockets to carry the other necessary things
  • Water resistant and durable twill outer shell to better protection in cold and wet weather.

The unit also has a USB power cable for charging your phone or other USB compatible electronic devices. The jacket is water and wind resistance with adjustable drawstrings for the hood. There are a number of Dewalt heated jacket reviews posted by the users in a positive manner, which shows the popularity of this heated clothing.

Milwaukee TV205493 Black Heat JacketMilwaukee electric heated jacket powered by the M12 Red Lithium battery technology, carbon fiber heating, and advanced fabric-layering technology for proper heating across the jacket. The Milwaukee heated jacket reviewed as one of the most powerful, stylish, and comfortable heated clothing.

Milwaukee TV205493 Black Heat Jacket comes with these following features:

  • Motorized Battery and charger for convenient wearing
  • Integrate five carbon fiber heating elements, and advanced fabric-layering helps in maintaining heat across the body and in front pockets
  • Milwaukee TV205493 is manufactured in China

This jacket is waterproof, wind resistance thermal jacket that works best to protect your body in extreme work conditions. The front pockets designed to protect hands in cold weather and the battery is useful for charging USB compatible electronic devices.

The North Face Women's Bionic Jacket If you are looking for women’s heated jacket that works in extreme weather conditions yet light and comfortable to wear, then The North Face Women’s Bionic Jacket is the ultimate choice for you.

The North Face Women’s Heated Jacket comes with these following features:

  • Made from 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex for waterproofing and elasticity
  • TNF Apex ClimateBlock gives 100% windproof in extreme weather conditions
  • Hem drawcord for better coverage
  • Stretch cuff panel for protecting arms

The jacket has TNF Apex Climate Block soft-shell that keeps you wand and wind chill free. The base layer is comfortable and smooth against the skin, so you won’t feel the discomfort while working after wearing this heated winter jacket.

TourMaster Synergy 2.0 Electric JacketTour Master Synergy 2.0 electric heated jacket designed to provide you comfort in cold weather. It comes with an active heating system made from durable steel fiber that heats up the jacket instantly yet making it a light weight jacket.

TourMaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket comes with these following features:

  • Durable Taslan outer shell with a comfortable liner
  • 100G Polyfill insulation to increases the warmth and heat retention
  • A sensor to control the maximum and minimum temperature and maintain constant heating in colder weather
  • Expanding side panels for comfort and snug fit
  • A heated collar to keep the cold and wind out of the jacket

If you want a comfortable heated winter jacket for cold and wet weather, then TourMaster Electric Jacket is a wise option for you.

Makita DCJ200ZXL Black Heated JacketThe Makita Heated Jacket has three heat settings to adjust to changing weather conditions. It has four pockets including a zippered chest pocket which is ideal for keeping a cell phone or holding other accessories.

Makita DCJ200ZXL Black Heated Jacket comes with these following features:

  • Keeps you warm in harsh cold even when you are working outside for longer hours
  • Comes with three core heat zones in left and right chest, back for optimum heat circulation
  • The soft fleece-lined collar tailored for increased user comfort
  • Three heat settings low, medium and high for accurate heating control
  • Two side pockets, sleeve pocket and zippered chest pocket to carry small stuff and papers
  • Three L.E.D. indicators with easy on/off heat controller

On the rear-left side, it has a battery pocket, so it’s out of your way, within reach for an easy and quick access, though. To provide a better fit and to keep the cold weather outside, it has knitted storm cuffs and drawstring waist.

Gerbing 12V Unisex Motorcycle JacketGerbing‘s is a renowned company for delivering the best motorcycle jacket liner for a long time. The Coreheat12 is a unique designed heated winter jacket snugly fit your body, and the microwire with thermostats provide overall heating in the jacket.

Gerbing 12V Unisex Motorcycle Jacket comes with these following features:

  • Smart placement of heating pads on the chest, back, collar, and sleeves for maximum comfort under cold weather
  • Improved ribbing at waist and cuffs for better protection against chilled winds
  • Has classic motorbike designed jacket with a 12-volt electrical system for better protection while driving
  • Manufactured in the USA, so no quality compromise

If you are looking for a stylish motorcycle heated jacket, then the Coreheat12 is the must have for you.

Best Heated Jacket Comparison Table

Material Battery
Bosch PSJ120M Polyester 12 V 2000 mAh, 10 hours
ORORO Men’s Heated Jacket Polar Fleece 7.4 V  4400 mAh, 8 hours
DEWALT DCHJ061C1-L Cotton, Twill 20 V 1500 mAh, 10 hours
Women’s Bionic Jacket Polyester, Spandex
TourMaster Electric Jacket Polyester 12 V

How to choose the best heated clothing?

If you are bound to stay in cold weather for a longer time like for working, skiing, swimming,etc. then it is recommended to get the suitably heated clothes to keep the warmness in your body. But how do you know which is the best heated jacket for you? Well, the choice and comfort change from person to person, but I would like to mention some considerations when you can keep in mind while buying one for you or your friends.

Style: This is not an essential but is a choice-able feature that most of the people want in their jackets. If you go to the Dewalt or Milwaukee brands, you can have a variety of options for different styles, whereas the Bosch heated jacket comes in a single style form. There are some brands providing heated zippered hoodies too, so choose according to your preference and the clothing you will have under the jacket.

Pockets: Keep in mind the things you will store in your jacket like your phone, important documents, money, some tools if you are working outside, etc. This will help you to check the number of pockets you will need and what the product offers to you. You can always manage your essentials if you prefer a brand despite less number of pockets it offers.

Lining:  When you talk about the comfort, the lining is a crucial feature to consider. If you prefer soft lining in your heated clothing, then Milwaukee and Dewalt can be the best choices for you. For a smoother lining, Bosch has no competition as it provides more comfort underneath.

Looks: There is a skinny line between the style and looks. When the style is depending on the jacket you are buying; the looks are the feelings you want in your clothing. The Dewalt is more functional than funky, while the Bosch, Milwaukee, and other brands are distinct in this matter. And again, in the end, it depends on your interest and choice.

Heating ability: Last but not the least, the ability of the clothing to keep you warm is an important and unavoidable thing to consider. Though the heated jackets are meant to provide warmness to the body, there are some brands who are just cutting the edge. As far as my research shows, the Milwaukee provides best heating options followed by Bosch and Dewalt who are not far behind from the top place. This is only a kind of judgment we can make, as there are no general testing methods to measure the heating ability of the jacket under some constant environmental conditions.

So, with all these heated jacket reviews, you can quickly pick the right products that work best in the cold weather and make your workday more comfortable even in the harsh, wet weather.

Be Cool and Stay Warm!



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