Best Boxing Shoes of 2018


Best Boxing Shoes of 2016Are you an amateur boxer who is looking to buy his first boxing shoes or a professional player looking for shoes that are comfortable and durable? As a sports professional, you might agree that even you shoes have an important role to play in your game. Hence we have compiled a comprehensive list of the boxing shoes available in the market. Here is the list.

Best Shoes for Boxing

Title Lo-top boxing shoesThese low top boxing shoes are ultra light and made for speed. Made from synthetic leather and tight weave nylon, these shoes have special polyurethane soles designed specifically for boxing. They help boxers with their agility and are built to last long when used for sparring in the ring. Being low-top shoes, they are easy to slip on and off. You only required to re-tied the top few notches. As these shoes narrow down with usage, it is better to order one size larger than the average.

The features of Title Lo-top boxing shoes are:

  • Lightweight and made for speed
  • Beautiful embroidery that complements the style
  • Thin sole for excellent traction and balance for punches
  • Preferred choice for amateur boxers

Feiyue High Top ShoesFeiyue high top shoes are the most traditional martial arts shoes in China. Lightweight and durable, these cheap boxing shoes offer comfort and stability at a very decent price. The secure fit and ankle support makes it all the easier for boxers and martial arts learners. Made with linen, these shoes offer the flexibility and agility that fighters need. The thin soles provide excellent cushioning and also let you feel the ground, allowing a solid grip.

The top features of Feiyue high top shoes are:

  • Made with linen that is comfortable for your feet
  • Straightforward and durable lace-up top
  • Padded yet light sole
  • Secure fit and ankle support

Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes - AW16These boxing shoes for men are durable and deliver high performance with a breathable upper mesh and a cushioned midsole. The open-mesh helps your feet remain cool and comfortable during a match. The rubber outsole provides excellent traction and grip in the ring. The lightweight cushioning in the heel keeps you balanced and steady on your feet. The synthetic suede overlays give these shoes a professional yet cool look and also help to ensure that shoe fit properly.

The features of Adidas Box Hog 2 boxing shoes are:

  • Single layer open mesh- Air circulation in the feet
  • Synthetic suede overlays- Compact and comfortable fit
  • Low profile EVA Midsole- Cushioned heel and lightweight midfoot
  • Gum rubber outsole- Indoor traction and grip

Ringside Undefeated Boxing ShoesRingside boxing shoes are the lightest boxing shoes that do not affect your ability during a boxing match. Comfortable and light weight, they let your feet breathe. The sole allows you to pivot your feet with ease while also providing a secure grip. In addition to these, the patent leather finish gives these shoes a fresh look. Available in various sizes, these shoes are the ones you can rely on to find the perfect fit. These modern shoes are also used for pro-wrestling matches.

The features of Ringside Unmatched boxing shoes are:

  • High-top ankle added for support
  • Available in a wide size range, 2-13
  • Patent leather vinyl finish
  • Material that allows ventilation for your feet

Ringside Diablo Boxing ShoesThese best shoes for boxing, guarantee high performance in the boxing ring. With a breathable nylon mesh pattern and a patent leather vinyl finish, these shoes offer the best value for your money. The low-top ankle allows fluid movement and helps in maintaining a stable grip.  The non-slip rubber sole helps you keep a firm grip during while sparring in the boxing ring. Available for women and men, these shoes come in a wide range of colors and sizes.

The features of Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes are:

  • Breathable nylon meshes pattern
  • Patent leather vinyl  finish
  • Lo-top ankle allows for ease of movement
  • Non-slip, rubber sole

Title Hi-Top Boxing ShoesTitle Hi-Top Boxing shoes are the best high top boxing shoes available for amateur wrestlers. They offer a perfect and comfortable fit during training and matches; they offer good leverage while running the ropes or circling the ring. Durable and reasonably priced, they offer good value for your money. Their good ankle support provides great flexibility in the ring. These boxing shoes usually run narrow, and it is wise for buyers to choose one size larger than what they normally wear. It comes in different colors and a variety of sizes suitable for all.

The features of Title Hi-Top Boxing shoes are:

  • Full synthetic leather upper with light weave nylon fill
  • Polyurethane soles that allow proper grip
  • Offers quick footwork and speed
  • Beautiful embroidered logos that add style
  • The height of 12” is ideal for action, speed, style and support to ankle

Reebok Boxing BootsThese best boxing boots from Reebok provide utmost comfort and let you unleash your boxing prowess. The ankle strap lets you set the custom fit. The synthetic nubuck upper provides a comfortable fit and the EVA midsole for underfoot cushion provides your feet with the support they require.  The rubber outsole provides durability and traction that a player needs. The mid-cut design offers ankle support.

The features of Reebok boxing boots are:

  • Synthetic fabric
  • Synthetic nubuck upper for comfort
  • Ankle strap for a locked in feel and added support
  • EVA midsole for underfoot cushion
  • Mid-cut design for ankle stability
  • Full rubber outsole for durability and traction

We hope this list of all the boxing shoes available in the market can help you find your perfect pair for sports. The best wrestling shoes are a perfect fit for the wrestlers. Whether it’s a pair of men’s boxing shoes or women’s boxing shoes that you are looking for, choose your best shoes from these options and rest assured that they will meet your expectations.



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