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Best Shooting Ear ProtectionDid you know that the sound decibels and the vibrations of gunshots can destroy the vital ingrown hairs in your ears! Yes, and if you are someone who practises every day or regularly with guns and rifles, then getting a shooting ear protection device is the best advice.

Best Shooting Ear Protection

Check out the top five best showing ear protection devices that are readily available online.

1. Howard Leight Electronic Shooting Earmuff

Howard Leight Electronic Shooting EarmuffAmbient sound amplification with automatic noise-blocking


  • It has built-in microphones that amplify range commands and other ambient sounds to a safe 82 dB.
  • It has low profile ear cups for firearm stock clearance and an adjustable headband for a secure fit.
  • It has an easy folding design for convenient storage and comes in a classic green colour.
  • An external audio jack lets the earmuff do double duty as stereo headphones.


2. Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muff

Walker's Razor Slim Electronic MuffThese look cooler, and performance is pretty on par.


  • Two Omni-directional microphones give full dynamic range HD speakers for clear sound.
  • These are precisely engineered not to compromise the hearing protection and amplification properties.
  • It has an all-new comfort fit headband for all-day shooting and has low noise/ frequency for sound clarity. 
  • It features a Noise Reduction Rating of 23 dB and utilised sound-activated compression of 0.02 seconds.


3. 3M H10A Peltor Optime 105 Earmuff

3M H10A Peltor Optime 105 EarmuffComfortable with a secure fit and unbeatable!


  • It can quickly reduce noise ranging from 30dB to 105dBA and works pretty well with shotguns. 
  • It gives your ears superior comfort, fit, and hearing protection while you wear it during shoots. 
  • It has added mass and volume with a ‘double-shell’ ear cup design.
  • It boosts the noise reduction throughout the full range of low and high frequencies.


4. SureFire EP3 Sonic Defenders Filtered Earplug

SureFire EP3 Sonic Defenders Filtered EarplugThe most comfortable ear protection for you. 


  • These are traditional earmuffs with foam pads that cover and form a seal around the entire ear. 
  • These Sonic defenders are typically better at screening out higher frequency sounds.
  • It gives decent protection against gunshots and allows you to hear range commands and regular talking.
  • It comes with unique “filter caps” that you can choose to have in or out according to the sound range.


5. 3M PELTOR Optime 101 Earmuffs H7B

3M PELTOR Optime 101 Earmuffs H7BSo soft and easy to use. 


  • This one is super protective with 30dB NRR but is also quite bulky.
  • It reduces the pressure and provides better softness and comfortability. 
  • It comes with an ultra-thin sheet of polyurethane that provides a supple outer skin. 
  • It has anti-sweat gel ear pads that are easy to clean and have proper air vents.


After a lot of research, my choice is the Howard Leight Electronic Shooting Earmuff as it is pretty affordable at a price and comes with all great features.



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