Best Waterproof Shotgun Case – One Case With More Than One Benefits


Best Waterproof Shotgun CaseAn essential piece of equipment for hunting is a shotgun. It is portable, robust, and effective for small-game hunting, such as rabbits or deer, and big-game hunting, such as elk or moose. The only problem with the shotgun is transportation. You must carry them by hand or on your back.

Best Waterproof Shotgun Case

Though you don’t have to, check out these five best waterproof shotgun cases. I have shortlisted that will protect the shotgun from water and solve the portability issue.

1. APESNOIC Extreme Shotgun Case

APESNOIC Extreme Shotgun CaseHandy waterproof case


  • It is the best case for a shotgun with a length of 44/48/52 inches, and there is an extra pocket to carry gun accessories.
  • It is durable, feels comfortable while carrying, and is wear-resistant.
  • It uses 600D PVC Nylon with soft foam padding to provide 360-degree protection to your rifle.
  • The adjustable shoulder strap offers convenient portability, or you can use the handle.


2. Case Club Waterproof Shotgun Case

Case Club Waterproof Shotgun CaseRobust waterproof case


  • It is a reliable case for carrying a shotgun and extra semi-auto pistol with plenty of accessories.
  • The case quality is durable. It has stainless steel hinges, watertight gasket seals, and multiple padlock points.
  • The provided existing foam is customizable for any shotgun you have, considering the length of the case.
  • It also has a space to keep magazines, optics, attachments, and accessories.


3. Cedar Mill Waterproof Rifle Hard Gun Case

Cedar Mill Waterproof Rifle Hard Gun CaseHeavy-duty case


  • The case comes with dual layers of easily customizable pick and pluck foam layers for double protection.
  • It is a large-sized case with durable build quality that can survive in harsh environments and float on water.
  • This case has enough space to house your rifle with scope and shotgun, plus it can fit extra magazines and accessories.
  • It’s easy-glide wheels and full swivel handles make transporting your gun effortless.


4. Case Club Waterproof Case for Shotgun

Case Club Waterproof Case for ShotgunRugged case


  • It is an excellent case for the shotgun that is 49.22-inches long and 3.94-inches tall.
  • You can utilize many compartments such as revolver, ammo slots, etc.
  • The foam covers the equipment tightly so water can not enter and damage any of your equipment.
  • It is also dustproof and has a durable stainless steel body that is corrosion-resistant.


5. RUGID Waterproof Shotgun Case

RUGID Waterproof Shotgun CaseEasy to use case


  • It has a durable 500D PVC exterior with fully seam welding and has IP67 certification.
  • The case has a waterproof shell, and the zipper has an IP61 rating. Your shotgun will remain dry inside.
  • The case would float even if you dropped it into a lake or river while the gun was inside the case.
  • The case also has a zipper pocket outside where you can carry your smartphone without any worries.


After a lot of research, my recommendation is Cedar Mill Fine Tactical Waterproof Hard Case. It can carry almost all types of shotguns. Moreover, it has remarkable case quality and offers enough space to carry gun accessories.



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