Best Tactical Drop Leg Pistol Holster – An Easy Way to Carry Your Handgun


Best Tactical Drop Leg Pistol HolsterIt feels itchy when you put a pistol in between your waist and pants; not only that, but it also looks a bit awful when you put a pistol like that.

Best Tactical Drop Leg Pistol Holster

To solve this issue, I have come up with the best leg holster available in the e-commerce market and shortlisted the five best tactical drop leg pistol holsters that will offer comfort and portability at their best.

1. Ankle Leg Carry Pistols Gun Holster

Ankle Leg Carry Pistols Gun HolsterFeatures:

  • It comes with a no slips design and both upper and lower adjustable straps keep the holster firm.
  • Its premium Neoprene inside material is comfortable and breathable, with micro-holes that minimize excessive perspiration.
  • Its ambidextrous design makes it suitable for both left and right-handed people. Also, you can wear it on any leg.
  • It comes with an extra magazine pouch for carrying OC pepper spray, tasers, and knives.


2. ASETIC Drop Leg Holster for Pistol

ASETIC Drop Leg Holster for PistolAffordable leg holster.


  • It’s ideal for operators or outdoor enthusiasts who want to carry a pistol comfortably.
  • It’s versatile, lightweight and easy to wear—applicable to hunting, running, and unrestrained movement.
  • The quick-release buckle and strap make this holster fully adjustable. It’s perfect for military, self-defense and more.
  • The thigh holster’s humanized design lets you put it on and take it off without undoing your belt.


3. Tacticon Universal Drop Leg Holster

Tacticon Universal Drop Leg HolsterBest drop leg holster for pistol and Glock.


  • This drop leg holster is composed of tough 500D Nylon that can withstand even the most challenging training.
  • Tacticon created this universal drop leg holster to fit any pistol, from a small Glock 43 to a full-size .45 P1911.
  • The firearm retention strap, extra magazine retention strap, holster ride, and muzzle height all are adjustable according to your preference.
  • This tactical leg gun holster is the best suited for right-handed people and stays firm on your leg.


4. UTG Tactical Black Leg Holster 

UTG Tactical Black Leg HolsterBest gun holster for left-handed.


  • It comes with a conventional design that fits most medium to large pistols without any issues.
  • It has a dual thumb-break security system to provide complete control over your weapon.
  • The leg strap is fully adjustable, elastic, non-slip, and removable for comfort and retention.
  • This tactical gun holder was created by using synthetic leather so it won’t slip from your leg.


5. Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Holster

Condor Tornado Tactical Leg HolsterBest leg holster.


  • It comes with a wrap-around design to accommodate pistols with laser or flashlight mounts.
  • The weapon retention system with an additional hook and loop strap secures the weapon safely.
  • It has a leg strap with a fast release buckle and a non-slip rubber lining that is fully adjustable.
  • The manufacturer also provides one magazine pouch, and this holster can fit medium to large-sized pistols.


My choice is the AIKATE Holster. It is the best gun leg holster to carry a heavy pistol. Its ambidextrous design is what makes it a top choice. Not to forget, the comfort of this leg holster provides comfort like no other.



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