Best Sights For Ruger Mark IV | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (2021)


Best Sights For Ruger Mark ivHello guys, today I will be presenting to you the Best Sights For Ruger Mark IV. I made a purchase of Ruger Mark and wasn’t entirely impressed with their sights. However, using a Ruger Mark makes me want either high visibility or a great scope. So I looked upon the web to find best to worst sights for Ruger Mark IV. To save you from the confusion that I was in, here I have mentioned the best sights for Ruger Mark IV.

Best Sights For Ruger Mark IV

In addition, I have listed out my genuine reviews about each product. Happy Reading!

1. TRUGLO Ruger Mark IV Fiber Optic Sight

TRUGLO Ruger Mark IV Fiber Optic SightTruuglo Ruger is by far the best replacement that exists for the front sight. It has a front diameter of 060″ and is compatible with RUGER MKII, MKII, 22/45 and BROWNING BUCK MARK Rimfire Pistols. Talking about my experience, it works exceptionally bright even in the lowest of the light, which makes it best for the nighttime. It is CNC machined and is best to be used for hunting, tactical and military.


2. HIVIZ Interchangeable Sight for Ruger IV

HIVIZ Interchangeable Sight for Ruger IVAs the name of the product itself says, it has easily changeable lite pipes for standard to fit in all conditions. It is easy to use, thus making it perfect for beginners. It is made of chemical-resistant material and injection moulded. It gives out maximum brightness and a consistent sight picture. It ensures fast sight acquisition. The sight bases are constructed of solid steel. It is smooth and snag-free.


3. HIVIZ Interchangeable Front Handgun Sight

HIVIZ Interchangeable Front Handgun SightHIVIZ HRBLW01 has a diagonal-wave design. This design gives it increased durability with the brightest sight. It has a skeletonized sight body and is compatible with Ruger Mark Ii And Mark Iii Heavy Barrel Guns. It comes with an adjustable rear sight. It has an open lite pipe that eliminates halo and gives you a clear dot. The Lite Pipe technology used to build this one is the brightest.


4. HiViz Litewave Rear Sight for Ruger Mark IV

It has all-steel construction and has a fully adjustable rear sight. It is the most compatible with Ruger Mark I, II, III and IV steel bull barrel pistols. It efficiently produces a bright and ultra-durable sight. It comes with a click adjustment for windage and elevation.


5. HIVIZ Interchangeable Fiber Optic Front Sight

HIVIZ Interchangeable Fiber Optic Front SightIt ensures you with a fast sight acquisition and a bright sight picture no matter day or night. It comes with an exoskeleton frame that allows a considerable amount of light to enter the LitePipe. The LitePipes can be interchanged. It has an over-moulded sight that has an optical-grade resin injection. If you ask me about precision, it has a square sight profile for the perfect rear sight alignment.


After a lot of contemplation, my pick out of the lot is the TRUGLO Ruger Mark II/III Fiber Optic Front Sight. It fits best with major types of Ruger, and it is the ultimate product that I believe even in the darkest of the night.



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