Best Pocket Holster For SIG P365 – Top 5 Pocket Holster of 2021


Best Pocket Holster For SIG P365

Hello people, today I will be introducing to you the best pocket holster for SIG P365.

Best Pocket Holster For SIG P365

SIG is our top favourite, and there are so many reasons why! It is super comfy to carry, feels great when you shoot and delivers accurate results. But if you own a SIG, you need suitable accessories to go with it, like the best pocket holster.

1. RRAGES Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster

RRAGES Desantis Nemesis Pocket HolsterThis holster from DeSantis is the perfect choice to carry the pistol easily in your pockets. It has a rubberized exterior design, and it stays in the pocket while drawing. In addition, it has a smooth padded nylon lining that keeps the pistol protected, and it gives you a discreet look. 

It is made of a great material that will keep it intact in your pocket. The inner part has a slick pack cloth that produces a low friction draw. Its core is made of foam.


2. Talon Concealed Carry Cargo Pocket Holster

Talon Concealed Carry Cargo Pocket HolsterThe Talon comes with complete concealment with an anti print panel. It is customized, so it fits only into some particular modes. It is made of leather from Hermann Oak American Steer Hide. These are cargo rocket holsters and can be carried to places you don’t want to come into the limelight. It fits perfectly in the pocket. They come in different sizes depending upon the firearm build up.


3. Full Concealment Wallet Holster for SIG 365

Full Concealment Wallet Holster for SIG 365This wallet holster is comfortable and convenient to use every day. The back pocket of the holster is top-covered and remains unnoticed. Therefore, it is easy to carry it to places without letting anyone notice it. It very well keeps the thickness uniformly. You can draw this holster from our pocket directly. The gun “rests” inside the holster and is secured only when the flap is firmly held closed. It is made of hard leather, gives maximum durability and doesn’t let the gun fumble.


4. DeSantis Gunhide Pants Holster for SIG 365

DeSantis Gunhide Pants Holster for SIG 365The Gunhide M24 is compatible with SIG SAUER P365. Made with ultimate precision and handmade under excellent craftsmanship. It is made of high-quality leather. It has an adamant design and stitching to withstand the worst of conditions.


5. MIE Productions Straton Tactical Pocket Holster

MIE Productions Straton Tactical Pocket HolsterIt has the simplest design with enough elegance, comfort and is quite functional. The body is light in weight, is quite solid and durable. It comes with a sweat guard that covers the trigger. It provides you with extra safety. It has a built-in thumb break. It is safe and easy to use even with one hand reholstering.


After using them all, my choice is the one RRAGES Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holsterl. It is an ideal choice for anyone who needs to carry a pistol anywhere. It gives you a super sleek look and remains immovable in the pocket.



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