Best Night Sights for M&P Shield 9mm | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide of 2021


Best night sights for m&p shield 9mm

Hello guys, today I will be presenting to you the best night sights for m&p shield 9mm.

Best Night Sights for M&P Shield 9mm

Shooting at night time is difficult, and that’s when a sight comes to use. Sights are great for nighttime shoots and give you the best shots in the daytime as well. So here I have picked up the best 9mm night sights that I have had my hands on.

1. Night Fision – Perfect Tritium Night Sights

Night Fision - Perfect Tritium Night SightsGives 30% brighter front sights. Delivers a fast, automatic sight so that you focus on the target. This is made of a daylight fluorescing material that gives optimum visibility in daylight. It has a steel sight body and has extra protection from knocks & dings. In addition, it has a matte black Nitride finish with excellent wear tar protection and corrosion resistance.


2. XS Sight Systems – R3d Night Sights

XS Sight Systems - R3d Night SightsThis one has a traditional 3-dot tritium, notch and post sight picture. The Glow Dot Technology absorbs ambient light and glows even in the lowest of light. This produces a fast and accurate shooting. It has a front sight tritium lamp that reduces the possibility of mixing up. These are easily installable by a sight pusher or a hammer and punch.


3. Meprolight – FT Family Rear Sight

Meprolight - FT Family Rear SightMeprolight features a unique design that eliminates the need for the front sight. It features a simple rear sign and needs no front sight. It does not require any batteries so that you can use it anytime, anywhere. This one is simple, really fast and gives accurate results.


4. Trijicon – Tritium Night Sight Set

Trijicon - Tritium Night Sight SetTrijicon comes with glowing dots for accurate shooting with standard black sights. It is all rugged, heavy-duty and luminous. It comes with three-dot iron sights that increase night-fire shooting accuracy five times over regular sights. It has a unique shock-resistant design. It also features aluminium cylinders for additional protection. This one efficiently withstands shock and heavy recoil. And it comes with a warranty for 12 years.


5. Night Sight Set From Trijicon

Night Sight Set From TrijiconThis one is made with excellence in tritium and fibre optic aiming solutions. Particularly designed for shooting in daylight brightness with a constant aiming point. It is one of its kind with interchangeable fibre. It is chemical and heat resistant fibre, has a dual-illumination technology and ensures an ultra-bright aiming point in any light.


After a lot of research, my choice is the Night Fision perfect dot tritium night sights. It has all the relevant features according to my needs. Moreover, it produces maximum visibility to the darkest and the brightest conditions as well.



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