Best Grips for S&W 686 – Check out the Top five for Smith and Wesson


Best Grips for S&W 686If you are a regular user of S&W revolvers, we highly suggest you use the best grips that are able. But finding one can be a bit difficult. All of these are tried and tested by us and give you a proper grip to help better manage recoil and muzzle rise, increasing the accuracy and speed of the shooter.

Best Grips for S&W 686

Read this guide for 2021-22 on the best five grips for S&W 686.

1. Hogue Rubber Grip For S&W 686

Hogue Rubber Grip For S&W 686An excellent grip for smaller hands. 


  • These grips are made for Smith & Wesson Model 686 and help you shoot a little better.
  • This conversion grip turns the round grip that comes with the revolver into a square grip. 
  • It fits easily on the revolver allowing for speed loaders, and has the same functionality as original grips.
  • It comes with a backstrap which makes trigger control much easier.


2. Pachmayr S&W Frame Rosewood Grip

Pachmayr S&W K&L Frame Rosewood GripThis one looks great and gives excellent comfort! 


  • It is a good fit for all models of S&W but works best for the 686 model revolvers.
  • It is made with precision CNC machined that hugs your hands with its perfect grip.
  • It comes in a highly polished finish touch material that gives a superior feel.
  • This one comes in a classic checked design made of top quality wood laminate.


3. Smooth Industries Wood Grips for S&W

Smooth Industries Wood Grips for S&WThis will surpass your expectations. 


  • You can get both gloss and satin-finished wooden grips in various colours.
  • It is highly compatible with Smith and Wesson revolvers and fits perfectly in hands.
  • They fit frames with an L frame that has round butts and 686 models. 
  • It has an S&w emblem that looks great, and the grips are really good.


4. Hogue S&W Frame Round Butt Grip

Hogue S&W Frame Round Butt GripTrust us; you are sure to love this. 


  • This grip is designed with ergonomic comfort with a precision fit for a firearm.
  • It has functions such as palm swells and finger grooves that fit in hand naturally.
  • All the grips are hand-inspected by the experts who ensure the best quality.
  • It grips on the fingers perfectly and is waterproof as well while preventing slipping when wet.


5. Feelsogood Grips Compatible with S&W

Feelsogood New! Grips Compatible with S&WThe grips that you were looking for! 


  • It is compatible excellently with S&W revolvers that have S&W K/l square butt frames.
  • It decreases the overall bulkiness of traditional grips with the smoothness of the wood. 
  • It has an open back and is Thai handmade built out of open hardwood back.
  • It is quite compact in hands, and the finger grooves fit in your hands perfectly.


My pick from the list is the Hogue Rubber Grip. Go for it! This is the best fit for S&W models and is quite affordable for the price.



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