Best Grips For S&W 642 — For Better Grip & Comfort


Best Grips For S&W 642Do you have an S&W 642 in your collection but have no grip for them? Worry not; we have got your back. Investing in S&W grips is a great idea, but look for stability, durability, and comfortability. Read about the top five grips that will improve your accuracy and control.

Best Grips For S&W 642

We have chosen the ones that are easy to install and fit righties and lefties.

1. Hogue Monogrip Black S&W J Frame

Hogue Monogrip Black S&W J FrameFor comfortability and stability. 


  • This Hogue Hunting Grip is ideal for a better grip on the firearm. 
  • This grip is a durable rubber material and has a cobblestone texture to provide a non-slip grip. 
  • This grip is also excellent for those who are looking for a comfortable and stable grip.
  • It has a molded design that fits the contours of your hand for a secure grip. 


2. Hogue 61000 Rubber Grip for S&W 

Hogue 61000 Rubber Grip for S&WA decent pick for shooting.


  • It has a durable, soft-grip made of synthetic rubber that is flexible and moldable that fits perfectly.
  • It easily grooves to the finger grips, and its ambidextrous palm swells to ensure a perfect fit. 
  • It has a unique cobblestone texture that provides an excellent grip even in wet or oily conditions.
  • It is not spongy or tacky, instead gives out a soft recoil absorbing feel. 


3. VZ Grips For S&W 642

VZ Grips For S&W 642The perfect grips by far. 


  • It is left unpolished with texture, and it is one of the smoothest grips you will find.
  • It features bold layers of color in the laminates that come out well and give you a stylized look. 
  • If you want a nice grip on the weapon, go for this product as it is not abrasive to skin or clothing.  
  • It gives you a smooth feel while using it all, thanks to its stainless steel Torx screw along with CNC machined.


4. Premium Gun Grips for Smith & Wesson 642

Premium Gun Grips for Smith & WessonMy go-to grip for S&W 642. 


  • It is built of rosewood, so it is highly resistant to wear and tear and carries a profile.
  • It is made with precision that makes it durable, rugged, comfortable, and safe to use for a longer time.
  • It has a half wrap size, making these gun grips perfect for round butt J Frame models. 
  • It has an excellent-looking design that feels sociable and renders a smooth and secure draw every time.


5. Premium Gun Grips for S&W 642

Premium Gun Grips for S&W 642No disappointment with this grip. 


  • It is created of polymer and acrylic pearl material making it durable and perfect for S&W Frames.  
  • It works best for concealed carry firearms as it won’t leave any print and is very comfortable to hold. 
  • Its pearl finish on the grip makes it look exquisite and unique, keeping you out of the crowd. 
  •  It is pretty durable, has an elegant design, and comes with screws that make it pretty easy to install.


After a lot of research, my choice is the Hogue Monogrip Rubber Grip Black S&W J Frame. It has the perfect texture that gives you a comfortable and stable grip. Buy it using the link provided here.



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