Best Glock Night Sights – For the Darkest of Nights


Best Glock Night SightsShooting during cold nights needs the best pistols, but moreover, it requires a lot of courage and the best night sight from a precise vision. Today we are back with another review guide on the best Glock night sights; all of these given products are tested and tried by our experts.

Best Glock Night Sights

Read on till the end to know about each of them in detail.

1. TRUGLO Tritium Green Glock Night Sight

TRUGLO Tritium Green Glock Night SightGet unmatched visibility in the darkest of nights


  • It is made of high-quality Swiss tritium for maximum brightness and unmatched visibility in all shooting conditions.
  • This night sight glows brightly in the dark with no batteries or light sources. 
  • This sight transits from standard white dot sights during the daylight to glowing green dots in the dark
  • It has a compact design that maintains the factory sight radius and fits standard holsters.


2. Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols

Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock PistolsThe best sights you will get. 


  • TIt has a standard front blade sight and a U-shaped rear sight that gives you a better field of vision.
  • It has an excellent wide range of lighting conditions with utmost durability to handle everything. 
  • These sights are self-luminous and have a unique design with its three-dot night. 
  •  It has a highly visible photoluminescent paint outline that increases sight acquisition.


3. Ameriglo Pro-IDOT For Glock Night Sight

Ameriglo Pro-IDOT For Glock Night SightAn incredible sight for a great price


  • It is an excellent 2 in 1 combination of a front and rear sight that fits almost any Glock.
  • It is built of high-quality tritium and has a unique design with utmost durability.
  • It has an I-dot configuration for quick vertical sight alignment and fast target acquisition.
  • The I-dots offer an extended rear sight for extra sight radius and a glare-reducing undercut rear face.


4. XS SIGHTS DXT2 Big Dot Night Sight 

XS SIGHTS DXT2 Big Dot Night SightBy far the best handgun sights.


  • It gives you increased visibility with bright light and brighter illumination in low light. 
  • It offers you the fastest front sight acquisition when seconds count.
  • It has a unique front with rear alignment and is highly durable
  • The dot centres over the vertical bar for precision alignment and reduces stress on the eyes.


5. Meprolight F.T. Bullseye Sight Kahr Rear Sight

Meprolight F.T. Bullseye Sight Kahr Rear SightThis one is exceptionally compact


  • It is a self-illuminated night sight that enables you to hit stationary or moving targets.
  • It helps you shoot under low-light conditions with a dramatic increase in hit probability. 
  • It is a rear sight and does not need anyone on the front of your Glock.
  • It is a combination of tritium and fibre optic and is the smallest optical sight in the world.


My pick from the lot is TRUGLO Tritium Green Gun Night Sight. Truglo is one of the best options to get the immense glow in the dark.



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